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Ebola – Fear, Lies And The Evidence

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3 comments to Ebola – Fear, Lies And The Evidence

  • rich

    Failing to Rise to the Challenge What the FDA should learn from Ebola. Dec 1, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 12

    A recent example of the FDA’s indefensible inconsistencies is its October decision to demand more data yet again—without clear, science-based standards—for companies seeking approval for several new drugs that should be available now to patients with the fatal disease of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

    What makes the muscular dystrophy pronouncements worse is that there are signs that they are driven by the FDA’s worst cultural tendencies: retaliation behind closed doors, “leveling the playing field” for competing companies by slowing down the company in the lead, and improperly relying on outside advisers with a strong financial interest in the outcome of its decisions.

    As the new Congress establishes its oversight priorities, this shameful mess should be high on its list.

    The FDA should learn from its mistakes. It needs to be more proactive with guidance on the standards for approval of drugs for Ebola and other tropical diseases, more transparent about the safety and efficacy of investigational drugs for Ebola, and more understanding about why randomized trials for rare diseases are often not feasible. When it comes to children dying of muscular dystrophy, the FDA needs to show more of the urgency it displayed when approving investigational Ebola drugs for heroic public health workers.

    Michael Astrue is a former commissioner of Social Security and a former HHS general counsel.

  • Ed_B

    “The FDA should learn from its mistakes.”

    That’ll be the day. They are still living on the faded glory of rejecting thalidomide 40+ years after the fact. Oddly enough, even thalidomide has its uses – morning sickness treatment simply is not one of them.

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