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DEAD BANKSTERS & CHINA’S 30,000 TONS OF GOLD — Alasdair Macleod

In the first half of our new interview with GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod we discuss the latest banker “suicides” which have all of the hallmarks of intelligence agency ‘wet work’. And Alasdair explains how China could easily have acquired 20,000 tons of gold in recent decades – and as SRS Rocco recently pointed out, an additional 10,000 tons of gold in just the last three years. The second half of our nearly one hour long interview will post on Tuesday night. Thanks for tuning in.

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26 comments to DEAD BANKSTERS & CHINA’S 30,000 TONS OF GOLD — Alasdair Macleod

  • long john silver

    45 minutes on the elliptical, followed by an awesome homemade green juice, and topped off with an excellent interview!!

    Thank you Sean, Rory and Alasdair, good stuff, Rickards is telling us that China can’t back their Yuan with Gold, and have it become a reserve currency, bullshit! Russia is buying plenty too.. The east is getting tired of war after war.. Are they in bed with the globalists? I guess we’ll find out soon.

    • SGT

      LOVE IT – precious metals, juicing and working out, we have a lot in common LJS! Thanks for logging in. As for Richards, 100% shilling for his masters:

      • John

        No doubt Rickards IS “shilling” for his masters.

        But that does not necessarily make him wrong.

        The people who run the current monetary system are not going down without a fight. In fact, you could say that while the US dollar is not backed by gold anymore, it is backed by something much more powerful: the US military.

        The BRICS would no doubt LIKE to escape the dollar system, and are working very hard to get the infrastructure in place to do so, but this action is not occurring in a vacuum.

        The people who now control the system recognize that it is broken and it needs to be “fixed,” but they are not too keen on having it fixed in a manner that excludes at least some significant remnant of their continuing privilege.

        I think the only way we don’t see some version of Rickard’s SDR solution as least tried for a while (while the other players continue to work overtime to move incrementally out of it) is with war.

        • SGT

          Hey John,
          I don’t know if it makes hm “wrong” out of hand, he does share some truths. The problem with Rickards is that he has lost so much credibility that it calls in to question the motivations for anything he says. Or more specifically, it causes us to suspect many of his positions and beliefs are merely the talking points and the goals of the banking and military complex he consults for and serves.
          MUST WATCH: Jim Rickards Visits Keiser Report & Exposes Himself as an Establishment Shill Covering Up CIA Involvement in 9/11 Insider Trading, Calling It “IRRELEVANT.”

        • Ed_B

          They can try whatever weird ideas come into their little pointy heads but that does not mean that any of us has to convert our silver and gold into some form of an SDR. We might do that with very small amounts to buy food or pay bills but I would strongly advise anyone not to rush into this wannabee currency any more than they must. It is likely to be around for only a short time.

  • Eric

    Awesome! Just what I needed!

  • tomche

    Sean, another great interview!… and this dove tails well with what Jim Willie has been saying, namely that China has waaayyy more gold than they are admitting to. Alastair was his usual, wonderful self and good to hear Rory as well. Can’t wait to hear part 2.

  • Rory

    China Yuan to be “backed by Gold, while US Dollar is backed by violence.”
    Like that statement.

  • Nd60

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  • Kim

    Hey, loved the three of you, all unique, good ole country boy Rory, very English Alasdair and you Sean, chewing the fat in a very concise and truthful manner.
    A great antidote for me doubting my self, always cured and I bet I am not the only one.
    Thanks guys, top drawer!

    • Ed_B

      Alasdair is English? Good heavens! I thought that he was a Scot. 🙂

      • Kim

        Hey there Ed_B, I am English, but Alasdair has a “very posh” English accent compared to my “rural carrot crunching Cotswold accent”

        • ArvLondon

          Lol Kim, re “carrot crunching”. I’m always amazed at the range of very differing accents in our small island that is England. I went to Liverpool for the first time in June and felt very far from home with my cockney East London accent. 🙂

          • Kim

            You are right ArvLondon, I could tell where folks were from, twenty miles away because of their accent. Funny though I have lived in Ontario for 23 years and still sound like the Wurzel’s. “Got a brand new combine and I’ll give you the key”.

          • Kim

            You are right ArvLondon, I could tell where folks were from, twenty miles away because of their accent. Funny though I have lived in Ontario for 23 years and still sound like the Wurzel’s. “Got a brand new combine and I’ll give you the key”.

        • Ed_B

          I’m afraid that I would not know the locale of one accent from another, so will take your word for it. lol

          Like a lot of other people, I have a pretty good ear for sounds, so tend to pick up the accent of the place where I am. Took me two weeks to stop sounding like an Aussie after a trip to the UK in 2001. We had several of them in our motor coach tour group, so we heard them talking all day long. Good folks. Would like to visit Oz one of these days.

  • Angel

    Yes, another good one. Looking forward to part 2.

    Russia has the resources, China has the manufacturing, they BOTH have the gold, and the US has what?

    Not that I need any more convincing, but when we see the East accumulating at the pace they have/are, why would I not do likewise? It’s a no brainer, folks.

  • Angel

    This article is very telling. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Russia has added another 1,200,000 ounces of physical gold to their reserves during September, the largest month-on-month increase EVER.”

  • rich

    How Chinese fortunes are hidden in Australia

    At a Chinese wedding the passing of red envelopes to the bride and groom is customary. They are usually filled with a few hundred dollars in cash to celebrate the marriage but, at the 2008 wedding of Su Guanlin and Qian Yi, two gifts were far more generous. The first contained 100,000 yuan ($18,200), a present that would have filled at least 10 red envelopes. The second was a more compact $US10,000 ($11,400).

    While substantial, these two wedding gifts were just the beginning of what Su, the son of a powerful Chinese railway official, would receive during his time in Australia.

    After his father, Su Shunhu, was ­sentenced to life in prison for corruption by a Beijing court last Friday, an investigation by AFR Weekend has pieced together the money trail between China and Australia.

    Using court documents from the trial, along with property and company searches in Australia, it provides the first detailed account of Australia’s status as a favoured destination for the funds of corrupt Chinese officials. Court documents show the money began flowing to Australia in the months after Su and Qian were married.

    They reveal that $1.2 million was transferred to their Australian bank accounts between December 2008 and January 2010.

    The money was wired to Australia from both the industrial city of Nanchang, south west of Shanghai, and Hong Kong in ­16 separate installments.

    Since it began landing in Australia, the couple have bought and sold around $4.5 million worth of property in Sydney.

    Their situation is not unique.

    Over the past decade, those officials have been drawn to Australia’s political ­stability, clean air and robust legal system, which ­provides some of the strongest protection for individuals facing criminal charges ­anywhere in the world.
    This flow of money out of China has reportedly boosted demand for houses, filled universities and fuelled spending on luxury goods right across the Australian economy.
    The trail of trillions of dollars

    The Chinese are calling it “Operation Fox Hunt” and the numbers involved are staggeringly large. The Washington-based ­Global Financial Integrity group has estimated that $US2.8 trillion flowed out of China illegally between 2005 and 2011.

    The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, China’s top corruption fighting body, estimates the figure could be as high as $US1.5 trillion for this year alone.

    This is the backdrop to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s crackdown on corruption, which has lasted longer and targeted higher-level officials than most thought possible.

  • AgShaman

    China was “promised” it’s “lost” silver many years ago…by the “lead” agent

    Under the new system (which will have a curious resemblance to the old), China will “gift” itself of the necessary silver….via gold leasing to the “partners” linked to their system.

    I see the new system as having a convertability factor…as in the new reserve currency will grossly outperform the dying one…or an outlier currency will plug the void and offer a “convertability note”

    Though I have not seen their “in plain sight” intimation (insert recent movie here)
    Why would one country be advising their citizenry to convert…and others not?

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