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David Morgan Keynote Silver Solutions – Silver Summit Spokane

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  • anon

    There are only a couple of questions that have bothered me about my investment/savings in silver: 1) Other than in late April of 2011 (when the Silver “spot” price rose up to just over $49.00 per ounce), silver has only ever risen to that level, in relatively “recent” history, previously, back in 1980 – fully 31 years ago! In other words, if past performance were looked at as something that COULD happen in the future – and, Silver were to hit $49 or $50 again in 31 years from 2011 – it would do so, in the year 2042 AD!!! 2) IF Silver is such a “slam-dunk” “investment” why do bullion dealers (and SO many of them) have SO much silver readily available (just check out their many websites online) – why do they trade all that fantastic “slam-dunk” “investment” silver for USD/FRNs (fiat currency)?

    Anyone? Can anyone address these concerns?

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