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UPDATED 1:45 pm *Breaking Alert: US Mint SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles! 2 Million Coin Surplus Sold in Under 2 Hours!

from SilverDoctors:

The US Mint has just issued an alert to Primary Dealers across the US that Silver Eagle inventories, which according to the Mint began today at over 2 million ounces, are now SOLD OUT as of 12:30pm EST.

The Mint has reportedly sold through over 2 million ounces in less than 2 hours!

It appears that the $15.50 level was the line that broke the camel’s back regarding physical inventories, as physical demand has simply EXPLODED on this morning’s futures dip below $15.20.

1:45pm EST Update:

At approximately 1pm EST, one of the largest Primary Dealers in the US issued a notice to all purchasers that premiums for ANY PREVIOUSLY PLACED PURCHASES FOR SILVER EAGLES ARE NO LONGER VALID!

This is simply unprecedented!


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45 comments to UPDATED 1:45 pm *Breaking Alert: US Mint SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles! 2 Million Coin Surplus Sold in Under 2 Hours!

  • Angel

    While most of us fully admit that manipulation of the market is rampant, I take it one step further and honestly believe that TPTB are doing so in order to entice demand, thus fully gutting PM inventory. Why, is anyone’s guess.

    • John

      @ Angel…..I have had the same belief as you here in the last few weeks or so as I watch the paper price drop precipitously. I think “they” are hastening the collapse. Note too, how it all coincides with Greenspans “buy gold” meme. And let’s not forget Harvey Organ’s dire warning! I do not believe we will ever see the paper price reverse. It drops and drops, and drops some more until,…..No physical anywhere! I suppose we might both be wrong….but I sense something is brewing.

      • Angel

        Yes, John, Greenspan’s comment gave it away. I perceived that as a signal of sorts. A signal to whom is irrelevant in so far as this conversation is concerned.

        The bottom line is, all of this looks WAY to intentional, coordinated, and obvious to me. But it is just my opinion for the moment, and subject to change as circumstances do. Maybe it won’t, in which case we may be entering a phase that we’ve only heard others describe, but have never experienced ourselves.

    • Stuckinsidethematrix


      I just couldn’t stay away, lol.

      Anyway, Yes I agree with you.

      ‘Clean out’, and ‘clean up’ time has arrived, or is about to, for tptb that is, not us.

      Since that massive Silver mine (cant remember its name sorry) collapsed under suspicious circumstances a year or so ago, and the South African Gold miners downed tools (effectively shutting down the deepest veins for months, if not longer), I began to smell a rat.

      That came on top of the big Peruvian Silver mining issue with one of the global giants, and global primary silver and gold miners coming under attack/pressure (and either shutting or being bought out for pennies by bigger companies owned by the ‘elite’ owned companies).

      Physical inventories are getting trashed around the world, especially by NATO countries who use vast quantities in smart munitions to throw around mountains and deserts in far flug corners of the earth.

      Before this latest smack down I guessed to myself that tptb will smash the heck out of the PM,s in order to finally clear inventories (most of which outside coin shops and small/medium dealers they have been cornered, so dont really care about the little guy by a few ASE’s etc).

      As they now control all the major producers, and have most of the available physical stockpiles, they can push the price in the other direction when they are ready to sell, which wont be anytime soon by the way.

      My other ‘best guess’ is that there will be no significant upward movement (ie no ovement above past highs) in PM prices until AFTER all physical inventories have been depleted in the West, and then only AFTER the stock market begins to crash. Once the stock market begins to blow where do the multi-millinaires and billionaires, much less the hegies, put their gains? Art? Real Estate? As there wont be any phsical PM’s available, or not at these prices anyway, they will get funneled into some sort of Gov ponzi.

      Whoever controls the physical metals, from the ground, to the refinery, to the product, and makes the decision who gets allocated what, controls the market price of physical. The paper markets are beyond a joke, and the physical market will soon get some of the same treatment, once tptb have control of all the loose ends.

      Whilst the paper markets are in still play anyones guess is as good as another how this will play out, and how low they can smash the price – they control it all so I imagine it can go to zero if they wanted it to.

      As to why, my guess is POWER and CONTROL.

      Control all forms of money, and how it is exchanged (or even if it can be exchanged) and you have Power over the people.

      When the paper markets go down, including the stock market, and the fiats are devalued, there wont be any physical available as a safety net. The people will beg the Gov for a new currency once thier savings, investments, and home equity are wiped out, along with thier jobs in many cases too.

      That sort of desperation gifts amazing power into the hands that control the economic functioning of a state, to the point that they can decide what passes for ‘money’, whether that be an electon on a magnetic strip, a piece of inked paper, or a piece of metal. Oh, and they will also decide who gets access to that ‘money’ too. Now that is real power, and that Angel, is what I believe the end game is. Power and Control.

      • Angel

        Welcome “back”, stuck:

        You bring up some very good points. The mine collapse is one I never considered, as very little was spoken about this after the first few weeks. Plausible? Absolutely.

        You say:

        “My other ‘best guess’ is that there will be no significant upward movement (ie no movement above past highs) in PM prices until AFTER all physical inventories have been depleted in the West, and then only AFTER the stock market begins to crash.”

        I agree, and that crash may come sooner than most realize. There’s so many factors that play into this that only a fool would guess the timing of it.

        As for the inventories, there is no question that they are being drained at an astronomical rate, so although I would never make a prediction in this regard either, this may also come sooner than most realize.

        “When the paper markets go down, including the stock market, and the fiats are devalued, there wont be any physical available as a safety net. The people will beg the Gov for a new currency once thier savings, investments, and home equity are wiped out, along with thier jobs in many cases too.”

        You may have hit the nail on the head, stuck. What better way to introduce the “new” currency, in whatever form it is initially, then to create a crisis. Problem-reaction-solution. The usual song and dance.

        You also say this:

        “The paper markets are beyond a joke, and the physical market will soon get some of the same treatment, once tptb have control of all the loose ends.”

        Are you insinuating that the physical price will be tightly controlled and manipulated by the West?

        Because the one factor you left out of the equation is the East. Do you not believe they will have any influence in so far as a more honest pricing mechanism? Or maybe you believe they will be in bed with the West in so far as this is concerned?

        Dave Kranzler presents am alternative view on why the metals are falling off a cliff. Of course, it’s not just his view, it’s shared by many and we’ve been hearing this for years. From his recent article:

        “As the western Governments force the price lower with phony paper gold and continue to loot all visible sources of physical gold in order to meet delivery requirements, it seems that the “hoi polloi” is fighting back by buying even more physical metal.”

        I guess the part that stands out is “IN ORDER TO MEET DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS.” Maybe it is as simple as that, in which case the West might not have quite the amount of control over PMs as you seem to believe they might have going forward.

        It might simply be a matter of the West having no choice but to bring the house of cards down, as power inevitably shifts to the East.

        • Ed_B

          “There’s so many factors that play into this that only a fool would guess the timing of it.”

          OK, label me as you will, but… my very best guess as to timing is that there will be a substantial financial crisis sometime between April and July of 2015. I have zero data to support this but I do have almost 40 years worth of experience watching and investing in the US stock market and this is what I am getting via the “feel” of the market. So, what is this “feel” I mention? Well, it is probably my subconscious mind gathering many tiny bits of data that are too small to recognize consciously and then using that to connect the dots. If pressed, I would say further that it will come in the form of a derivatives collapse and that it will be a monster financial tsunami, sweeping all paper before it.

          If this does in fact come to pass, then all here will be wise to have 3-4 months worth of food and water stored in places that are easily accessible to them. I also suggest having some cash in $10-20 bills, some PMs, fuel, ways to make light and heat, and a way to purify water. Things could very well get pretty hairy before they get better.

          Could I be wrong about this? HELL, YES! I am a man. I am not God. Therefore, like every other human being, I am fallible and prone to error. But, if I am not wrong, it will cost people very little to be ready for a few months worth of financial and social turmoil. Not being ready could cost you your life. Hmmm, considering that risk / reward ratio, perhaps getting ready is not such a bad idea? At worst, nothing happens and you have laid in a supply of food that you are going to eat anyway and at a price that it likely to be lower than it will be in the future.

          No, I am not a Watchman, but I am AAA (Awake And Aware). 🙂

          • Angel

            Actually, Ed, the points you make are valid ones and there’s no doubt that your previous experience speaks for itself. Also, your window is rather wide (4 months) compared to others, so I wouldn’t exactly call you a fool. I’m referring to those who have it pinned down even narrower than that, which probably isn’t advisable.

            It seems likely that TPTB will keep this thing intact until after the holiday season. Also, now that the “elections” are a thing of the past, there will be no need to keep up appearances for their sake.

            Then there’s the black swan events, which I do believe are even more likely going forward, particularly on the war front. Now that the neocons have solidified their place in Congress, the White House fraudster has political cover. Pass the buck on to them, which they will be more than happy to accept.(Not that any of them ACTUALLY decide on these matters, but the game must be played to keep up appearances.)

            Yes, your prep suggestions are valid ones. I’m doing all those things (and more), and have been for quite some time. I only hope your “few months” scenario isn’t an understatement.

          • Angel

            More on the neocon war machine I was referring to above. This stuff is getting SERIOUS.


        • Stuckinsidethematrix


          Sorry for the delay in responding.

          I left out the East for a reason. That reason is that I believe things will become so bad in the ‘West’ that the price action in the ‘East’ will be the least of our concerns.

          As you know, and as I have stated before, PM’s are for the other side of the collapse. Getting to the other side is not a done deal, even for the awake and well prepared.

          Currently, the West and East are clearly sharing the same bed, with the west facilitating the exchange of western issued paper owned by the East for hard assets, such as oil, copper, coal, Au, and Ag.

          This ‘bed sharing’ may be to avoid a hot war with 3 nuclear powers (China, India, and Russia, who coincidently are the worlds largest buyers of PM’s using $,£,and E).

          I also believe that the elite will indeed control the physical market once they have full control of production (think of the ‘de Bears’ diamond model to see where I think it will go).

          As for me, I dont really have any skin in the PM game as I hold only 55 ounces of Silver in small coins for barter during the collapse (I will have to deal with the other side when, or rather if, I get there).

          I do however have a certain amount of geographic flexibility as I have no prperty or other assets to fix me down, and no ‘wealth’ to preseve.

          In the scale of things the price of PM’s is of no real concern to me, nor is the stock market, property market etc as I have nothing at all in those. I simply enjoy the intellectual exercise of doing dot-joining to create a bigger picture(s), such as we did earlier with the Ebola hoax.

          Angel, on another point, I do hope you get through what is coming. We will need people of your calibre on the other side to help educate and guide the children (and any clueless adult sheep too) that also make it through the collapse and the terrible termoil and evil that will inevitably be unleased during such a period.

          • Angel

            No problem, stuck. Always a pleasure.

            Well, that’s a pretty dark prognosis you make regarding price action in the East being the least of our concerns.

            Many of us have been preparing for the inevitable for a very long time. Whether it will be enough to see it through to the “other side” is anyone’s guess. I have no idea about my own personal predicament, nor do I have any illusions. I’m fully aware of the possibilities either way.

            I hold the metals for a means of barter AND for wealth preservation. I’m not an investor, in this or anything else. I’m in this strictly for practical reasons. So, if I can see this thing through, all the better, as I’ve taken what I consider to be valid safeguards in so far as my accumulation is concerned. But realistically, we can only take one day at a time from this point on.

            As for “people of my caliber”, thank you for the compliment. And likewise, at that. While I don’t intend to hole up in some underground bunker forever (actually, NEVER!), I also believe conditions on the “other side” will remain very tenuous for many years. So while my heart will likely dictate how to assist others as needed, street smarts and self-preservation will also be an absolute necessity. This will undoubtedly prove to be a major challenge for anyone who doesn’t intend to merely isolate oneself from the hordes, but to also be of some sort of service during the rebuilding phase.

            Be safe, be well.

  • Neo

    That’s good news. However, can we actually trust the US Mint or ANY government “data?”

  • Sam

    Given the illogical logic of TPTB, we should see a big drop in the spot overnight 8-0

  • nycjeff

    Did I read that right that they are going to charge more on orders that have already been placed? Is that in the terms and conditions somewhere?

  • Troy

    Lately I have seen many people on Craigslist “wanting to buy” silver ….trouble is, would anyone sell silver right now?

    • Angel

      Many people have no real knowledge of PMs, or should I say their place in the future. They might own some silver or gold, maybe just a piece of jewelry, but all they see are falling prices and don’t bother to educate themselves further. These are the people that are most likely to sell, especially if they’re hard up for cash.

      These are the people the “buyers” are targeting with such ads. They know the hard core crowd isn’t selling, because the “buyer is part and parcel of it himself.

      • Ed_B

        Exactly right, Angel, and MANY of these folks are the very same ones who FLOCK to the stores whenever many things are on sale. Well, gold and silver both are on sale now, yet they have no interest in them whatsoever. Yes, the anti-PM propaganda machine has done its work and they are thoroughly in its grasp and control. But then, this IS about financial survival… financial Darwinism, if you will… and not all of the sheep out there will avoid the wolves. Many will be devoured, as is natural.

    • Stuckinsidethematrix


      Depends, if you still have a job probably not, however if you are unemployed and cant make the house payments on benefits, then yes.

      I have seen many people in the last 2 years loose EVERYTHING in this slow burn collapse. For 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of people the collapse has already arrived.

      If you are lucky enough to still have an income thats great. Just dont take it for granted. If you havent already done so make sure you are already taking steps to reduce if not eliminate your outgoings, so that when the collapse comes for you, you dont have to sell your stack at these prices in order to simply put food on the table.

    • Gerald

      And beware,there are counterfeit eagles out there!!!!!!!!

  • Warp

    So the 2014’s are gone, right as they’re about to start up the 2015’s? That’s a huge surprise! The COMEX IS ON FIRE! /S

  • Hondo Stalwart

    The Annunaki have just about loaded their ships by now. Explaining the raids 😉 😉

  • Jeff

    Thank you price manipulators! I just added a monster box of Ag rounds and a one oz Au bar to my stack. My dealer said they just upped the premium of their remaining stock of ASEs by $.30. Even if they drive the price lower the premiums will skyrocket so I believe this is the “sweet spot” where you won’t be able to get it for less AND it’s available.

    • SGT

      You have deep pockets brother, well done. Unfortunately the Doc doesn’t carry these, but curious to know what you all make of the new 3/4 ounce .9999 Canadian grey wolf. Looks like a beauty, and if I’m doing the math right at $14.34 each (for 120 or more) for 3/4 ounce, it’s worth a close look. Thoughts?

      • Steve_D

        Those are beautiful Sean, I’ll definitely be getting some.

        • SGT

          I really dig em too Steve, seems like a huge bargain too. For some reason they’re currently exclusive to Apmex which is strange.

          • Ed_B

            APMEX is a BIG PM buyer and seller, so have the weight to swing private placement deals like this. While I shop on SD Bullion for most all of my gold and silver, I also do some business with APMEX (mostly US 90% BU and proof coins) and also with Provident. Provident has a helluva nice deal on now for their 1-oz. Mercury Dime rounds, $0.79 over spot, any quantity. I don’t have any silver rounds now but this is looking good to me. 🙂

      • Jeff

        That was some dry powder stored up for a bunch of months. Just felt like the time was right. With regard to those 3/4 oz grey wolfs… picked up a roll of them a couple of weeks ago from apmex. Beautiful coins for sure. They are a JV between RCM and Apmex so yes, they are only available through apmex and the supply will be limited.

  • DK

    Gold broke great support around 1180. It almost did in june and december 2013. Now look out for 1000 Gold, maybe lower. Spare your ammunition. Hunting season coming up in a couple of years. We might as Rick Rule has been waiting for see issuer capitulation in gold mining stock. Maybe opportunity of a lifetime. Just my opinion. Btw american, your dollar is going up – no reason to complain. The dollar is – contrary to all your doom and gloom – still the fastest horse at the glue factory.

  • andrew james

    I don’t buy eagles in particular. I’ve been stuck with a few hundred over the years. They’re not my favorite.

  • CSP

    I put an order in for some Kooks and really loving these prices. If I had more cash flow I would be buying more. It pains me to see all the Ag and Au that I want at this time but can’t place another order (or another or another). Some might want the price of silver to be at $50 or higher (pick a number) but if the price were to hit $50 next week am I going to rush to sell? Hell NO! What would I do with a pile of paper or digits shown on a statement? I would be like the dump people who sold all their gold coins they found or inherited for several millions in paper. All it means to me is that I got to pay about 3x more than the current price. I pray it will drop further for longer period so I can have more digital in my bank account to transfer for REAL PHYSICAL.
    Hey you Manipulators, THANK YOU! You keep the digital and I keep the physical. It’s a Physical thing, you wouldn’t understand.

    • hal

      Gotta say that’s quite a catchy slogan or saying for s stacker….”it’s a physical thing.”

    • Ed_B

      I agree that one should not sell their stack UNLESS they want to buy something of real value, such a a nice piece of land. Selling just to stack a bunch of fiat with no real purpose to doing it is pretty dumb, IMO.

      But I have to disagree about the “physical thing”. I am convinced that these manipulators know ALL about this physical thing and that they own a stack that would impress the hell out of any of us. Their talking down and manipulating down silver and gold prices is all part of an act they put on for public consumption. Don’t believe a word of it. What what they do, not what they say.

    • CSP

      I bought when prices where low, bought when prices moved up, heck, bought some when silver spot was in the $40s and felt good at the time. Bought more when prices declined and still buying when able to. Do I feel bad for buying in the $40s? Not really but there is an internal feeling and desire for self confirmation that if silver goes above $50 then “all things will be made whole.” However, as many of the readers here know, at some point, the nominal pricing in paper term will not matter.

      There are too many people who truly see wealth only in digitals and would be happy to keep several hundred Ks in their bank and much more in investment forms. Given how people learn about investing and wealth from schools and main stream medias, they are conditioned to think that way. I can’t be too hard on them for I was once happy to see my statements and felt good to log in to my investment portfolio. Keep stacking what central banks and governments can’t print at these low paper prices.

  • CSP

    “…dumb people…”

  • mike

    This means exactly nothing. If it’s the beginning of the month and your the manger at the US mint do you fabricate 100 million pieces pr just your average production? Production bottle necks are meaningless and do not reflect the availability of Silver at all. If you have a run on anything it will run out until new production can start. Now if Silver which is in abundance becomes impossible to get that would be a real shortage. But you can buy as much silver shot and other fabricated silver all day long presently. I am not saying a Silver shortage isnt possible I am just saying a production bottle neck means nothing and reflects nothing other than a certain product is popular.

  • jerry

    they have the green light for the one world gov….win loose or draw. its way to late in the game to try to save face. Its ON !

  • ivan

    traders expecting oil to drop between 45-60 by next year. I think that would be the time to pile up. At age 32 this was great learning experience. And I hope I won’t make that mistake later in life.

  • MrPappaFace

    I couldn’t help myself and had to buy. 15.28 is just insane in my eyes. I always wanted to buy one of those loafs of bread Johnson Matthey bars. Good luck shopping guys there seems to be not that much selection out there. 🙂

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