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Average American Preparation Begins

from Survival Blog:

I am writing this article to inform other average Americans of how I began prepping, in hopes that my suggestions will be helpful for those who are just beginning. I began prepping after watching numerous shows on the National Geographic channel in connection with current news channels. Recognizing that America is vulnerable in several aspects (i.e. our power grid, internal terrorists, and weather events), I began to visualize how unprepared my family and I were in the event of a national emergency.

Now you may be saying to yourself “in the event of an emergency, our government will take care of us.” However, in reality, ask yourself if this has been put to the test; in other words, has there has been a national crisis in which Americans HAVE actually experienced the government doing a good job of taking care of the people in a major event? For example, most Americans probably have experienced a power outage for at least one day, and most Americans probably can attest that they had enough food, water, finances, antibiotics, and entertainment to last throughout that day. What if it had been for three days?

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5 comments to Average American Preparation Begins

  • aeon

    Think Hurricane Katrina.

  • Ed_B

    Good article and it is similar to my own prepping experiences. I also watched the Doomsday Preppers series on Nat Geo TV. I found the shows quite interesting and occasionally informative. My one major objection, however, is that the show “experts” who critique the preppers ALWAYS bring out the “most economists do not see an economic collapse occurring in the US”. Well, la de dah! Most economists cannot find their arse with both hands, a mag-lite, and a search party. These ARE the same people who did not foresee ANY of the stock, bond, or housing bubbles created by the Fed. So much for their expertise. IMO, an economic collapse is a virtual certainty. The only thing about it that is not certain is WHEN it will occur. THAT it will occur is in no doubt.

    • CalSailX

      Ed_B… it will be a rude awakening for a great many Ed, the day they have to pull on their big boy/girl pants. Is going to be painful if not fatal for some…

    • glitter 1

      “The only thing about it that is not certain is WHEN it will occur.”

      We now do have a call on when it is planned,September/October 2015.We shall see.

  • CalSailX

    If your old enough, and live in Northern Michigan you tend to think about things like the Blizzard of 1978. Where some folks where snowed in for days, in some cases without electricity or heat.

    I look about at some of the folks that have moved up here in the last few decades, and just shake my head. Some are going to be in real trouble, when we get a repeat.

    Getting a little old for it now, but when SHTF I’ve always done my best turn bad situations into teaching moments for those getting their first taste.

    I still do a certain amount of my prospecting alone in mid-winter. Stay dry, dress in layers, keep your head, and it’s not really cold until ice forms so quickly you can’t get the color into the snuffer bottle before it’s nozzle is trying to punch though a layer of ice… at about -12f and below.

    That happened all I could do was just drop a big rock in the pan and sink it to the bottom of the stream. Lucked out on that trip next day got in to the twenty’s and sucked out the gold in that pan a carried on with my sampling.

    Stick this in your skull kids… “snow is a good insulator”. Coldest I’ve ever been was the North Pacific with the temp 32-34f wind blowing 65mph, and raining!

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