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Are UFOs an Intelligence Psyop? – James Corbett’s reddit AMA

from corbettreport:

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7 comments to Are UFOs an Intelligence Psyop? – James Corbett’s reddit AMA

  • Sayldog

    Thanks for including some of these reddit AMA vids SGT Report.

  • Anon

    It is clear, that the “UFO” phenomena actually do exist. The question is: what, exactly, are “UFO”s? Are they actual physical craft (“ETV”s), or some as yet unidentified anomalous phenomena? Do they use advanced technology to traverse otherwise vast distances of space (measured in light years), in mere minutes? Are they interstellar, or intergalactic drones – sent on recon missions to investigate what is “out there”, or are they vehicles (again highly advanced in technology) that are occupied, by occupants/visitors from extremely distant places? Or, have they been right here on planet Earth all along? Or, at least, from some very remote period in Earth’s History? Could what we call “UFO”s fall into some or ALL of these categories? Are some “UFO”s actually man-made, the product of “black projects”? It seems to me, that what we call “UFO”s very likely fall into many different categories, if we were somehow able to identify, & discriminate between them. UFO-logy is kind of a religion, for many devotees. It seems to me, however, that the government itself, is behind much of what we THINK we “know” about “UFO”s. Most of the high-level people involved in the “UFO” scene, seem to be retired Air Force Officers. I have yet to see any REAL EVIDENCE of ANY kind, that would support any of the above theories on what “UFO”s actually are. It seems that all we have to go on, is what retired Air Force Officers and other Government people have said. Propaganda? Diversionary tactic? Another attempt to control everyone and everything?

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