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Andrew Hoffman – What’s Behind Record PM Physical Demand?


Another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen in as we discuss:

Catalonia – 81% vote Yes to secession
Swiss Referendum
NFP report
The three “death trends” accelerating
Plunging oil prices
Negative impact on U.S. corporate earnings from the “strong dollar”
Historically bad 3Q earnings
Record physical PM demand
Mint runs out of Silver Eagles
China gold imports in October
Big PM surge Friday
Much, much more!

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1 comment to Andrew Hoffman – What’s Behind Record PM Physical Demand?

  • Frank Zak

    Through the housing price boom, Miles Franklin was negative.
    Through the silver crash fiasco Miles Franklin was bullish on silver.

    They have been wrong about everything and use the excuse the system
    is controlled. It has always been controlled. You can either trade a controlled
    market, or you can’t.

    Get used to it.

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