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Alayne Fleischmann – the Snowden of NY Banking

from Armstrong Economics:

Matt Taibbi has returned to the Rolling Stone and his first piece out the door is on the real story behind the fake $13 billion settlement with JP Morgan Chase deal to cover up alleged criminal activity sanctioned by Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. Taibbi had to leave First Look media where he found himself in a clash with the executives, who by and large come from a highly structured Silicon Valley corporate environment. When it comes to the free press, there are journalists who would love to write the truth, but that ends up in a battle with management who may have their own favors and deals behind the curtain.

Those fiercely independent journalists view corporate cultures and management with disdain. It is management that blocks the free press in this country. First Look media was supposed to court the independent journalists. The problem, they still bring in the corporate structure that destroys the independence. This is simply the fate of such entities.

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2 comments to Alayne Fleischmann – the Snowden of NY Banking

  • Suzanne

    She might as well have come forward… she was most likely marked to be “suicide” as a credible witness. If you’re in that sector and you know anything… you MUST make it public before they get to you.

    • Ennazus

      Fleischmann, eh? Don’t trust her. But you are probably correct. She was on their list to be suicided next and probably put 2 & 2 together when she noticed her colleagues base jumping without parachutes, or shooting themselves 12 times with nail guns.

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