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Alasdair Macleod Part II – The Central Banksters Dilemma

from The Daily Coin:

The central banks are buying gold and we are told they are selling gold, how is this possible? Why would this be happening? What purpose does it serve?

Alasdair is of the opinion the central banks are not selling gold but there has been some leasing of gold.

Keith Neumeyer, about three weeks ago, called for the primary silver miners to pick a month in 2015 and withhold production for the month. Wednesday November 19, Jim Otis, in an open letter to all miners is calling for all miners to withhold their precious metals. Mr. Otis goes on to detail what to do, how to do and the impact that it would have on the markets—here is what Mr. Otis had, in part, to say

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8 comments to Alasdair Macleod Part II – The Central Banksters Dilemma

  • Angel

    Thank you, Rory, for a highly-informative interview (part 1 & 2) with another one of my favorite, down-to-earth analysts.

    Like David Kranzler, I appreciate the fact that Alasdair speaks realistically about China’s ACTUAL gold holdings, rather than regurgitating what the “authorities” tell us in this regard. It’s a refreshing change from the likes of Koos Jansen, considered the utmost authority on this matter, who continues to parrot the line that China may have 4000 tones, and is aiming for 8000. This simply does not seem realistic in light of what Alasdair, Dave, and others are saying and EXPLAINING. I’m not bashing Koos, who provides good data and analysis otherwise.

    I’ve tended to be on the fence regarding the issue of whether China has been participating in the manipulation. And though GATA makes some convincing arguments in favor of this view, Alasdair also makes some good points to the contrary. Taking advantage of the manipulation is one thing (which NOBODY could deny they are doing), but participating in it is quite another. So, my views on this matter are shifting toward those of Alasdair of late.

    China is playing their cards with absolute patience and conviction, knowing full-well that the West is self-destructing on its own. Only an impulsive and impatient mind would rush this, and the Chinese mind is anything but that. Unlike the West, China thinks far, far ahead, always keeping their eye on the prize.

    All prejudice aside (including my own), this strategy, I believe, will prove successful beyond any doubt. Perhaps we might all learn something from the Chinese mind in this regard.

    • MRH

      Thanks, Angel. I appreciate your kind words and, as always, great feedback on the topics being discussed.

      I, too, have been on the fence about China’s participation in the manipulation of PM’s and, like you, am moving more in the direction of Alasdair’s view point. It doesn’t make sense to have the WORLD pointing their finger at you, when all you have to do is…nothing, and the real criminals can be exposed and self destruct.

  • Frank Zak

    Manipulation is the catch phrase for CYA.

    People were scammed into silver. Now the silver
    gurus try to cover their tracks.

    Morgan and all the rest mostly buy for passthrough
    customers. Their longs and shorts are those
    of their customers.

    The silver gurus don’t tell you this to try
    and create bad guys. Blame it on the bad guys.

    But,the silver gurus had you buy knowing the
    market is rigged and knowing there is no shortage
    of silver at all.

    Now you have lost half your money and the market
    is still rigged and the fiat currencies have not
    even collapsed yet.

    • MRH

      Thanks, Frank, as always, your analysis is spot on–no pun intended. What is the difference between pumping silver and pumping real-estate? For those that hold their physical metal, those people have not lost a dime. If a person holds all their original stack, those coins, rounds and bars DID NOT CHANGE ONE LITTLE BIT. The dollar losing value is how the real-estate market APPEARS to go up in price. David Copperfield can make an elephant APPEAR to levitate–that is why it is called magic, just an illusion.

  • Frank Zak

    That these idiot silver gurus told you not to buy a
    house is unforgivable negligence. You lost
    the opportunity of a lifetime and may have to rent.

    • SGT

      FZ, me thinks your bitterness clouds your judgment. I’d reserve at least a little bit of that venom for the manipulators of all markets, the Central Bankers and their international banking cronies who fixed LIBOR rates, rigged precious metals prices lower & stole trillions through ‘bailouts’.

    • Eric

      Assuming your mortgage is paid off, and assuming you didn’t get scammed with the MERS scandal, you get to rent that house for the rest of your life anyways, unless you have alloidial title. Then the maintenance and upkeep.

      I don’t know why you keep bashing the silver “gurus” Frank. If someone had poor timing, they should blame themselves for not knowing enough of what they needed to know.

      You can still rent a house and make it your home. My home is my body. My house is just a crappy roof over my head that always needs work. My silver sits and awaits the destruction of the dollar. Let’s not forget silver was going parabolic back in march 2011.

  • AgShaman

    To get the ratio silver stackers are looking for….they will have to get some gold

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