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Afghanistand – None Dare Call It Defeat

by Eric Margolis, Zen Gardner:

The last British soldiers were airlifted out of Afghanistan last week, marking the sorry end of Britain’s fourth failed invasion of Afghanistan. With them went the last detachment of US Marines in Helmand.

Well has Afghanistan earned its title, “Graveyard of Empires.”

To be more precise, this honor belongs to Afghanistan’s Pashtun (or Pathan) mountain tribes, who bend their knees for no man and take pride in war.

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1 comment to Afghanistand – None Dare Call It Defeat

  • Ed_B

    War IS the national sport in Afghanistan (Ashcanistan?). When there are no convenient foreign enemies to make up the opposing team, they simply choose another tribe to play that part of the game. Having been at this for thousands of years, yeah, they are very good at it.

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