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ADDENDUM: $18,000 Gold & U.S. Becomes Third World — Jim Willie

by Finance and Liberty, via The Victory Report:

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28 comments to ADDENDUM: $18,000 Gold & U.S. Becomes Third World — Jim Willie

  • bob a

    yay. horray Jim Willie. Horray. 18,000 an ounce gold price. yay. horray willie. heck, let’s just round it up and say 20,000 gold. There, we all feel better.

    • Chuck

      Gold is more valuable than you believe. Make fun now, but it will be your jaw that drops when gold is revalued at its just price.

      • Steve

        You’re delusional…as long as its controlled,manipulated,it will never reach reasonable highs……

        some of you fools think you’re gonna get rich or protect yourselves with monetary metals.Money is what “they” say it is…PERIOD! (and the Sheep will follow right to it)

        Proverbs 8:10-11 “Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold.For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.”

        Read this verse and read it HARD!

        • Eric

          Actually Steve, money is whatever the market decides it is. They don’t have as much control as everyone thinks they do. They only have power because everyone gives it theirs away to them. If they don’t have the gold, they don’t get to decide what the price is. People are in for the shock of their lives.

    • Tim

      LOL. It really is ridiculous.

      • Woodchuck

        I’m sure that the Germans in the Wiemar Republic were thinking the same things months and weeks before it happen to them. They burned the money for heat because they could not purchase enough wood with the wheelbarrows of cash. I’m sure its almost impossible to burn digital money these days. At least they had a cotton based money that was flammable. I read an interview of a old man that was a college student in Berlin then. He had gold and silver coins. The gold coin could buy a block of property and the Silver would buy ample food, rent and necessities for some time while others starved and froze. Did the people in Zimbabwe think they would be carrying bundled stacks of money to buy food and have million and billion dollar bills in their possession? The only ones that ate were the people healthy enough to dig gold out of the river banks. If you were too old and not capable you starved. The Complacency Bias is rampant in our society and many will suffer because of it.

        • Anon

          I believe we have a winner here, in the comments section, and it is “Woodchuck”! (Seriously) At the height of the depression in Wiemar Germany (early 1920’s), an ounce of gold did indeed buy an entire city block.

          Word to the wise.

        • Tim

          Great comment, Woodchuck. I love gold and silver, and I think everyone should convert some their fiat to PMs as insurance. We really don’t know what’s going to happen with the dollar. I’m surprised that we haven’t had runaway inflation already, what with all the dollars the Fed has created. But I guess we really don’t understand it well enough. TPTB seem to be a lot smarter and powerful than we think. My point was that all these price predictions seem to be arbitrary.

        • lastmanstanding

          +1 brother or sister…although I can’t imagine any women that I know going by Woodchuck!

          All. We live and survive on the earth…if she lets us. It is the things that come from her that will ultimately keep us in standing.

          The sooner you get that…the better off one will be.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  • bob a

    Horray for Chuck. 20,000 gold. yippee. Horray. And when do you suggest that is going to happen? next 1,000 years? LOL.

  • Well I guess if it hits 17,000 we would be 2nd world. That’s not so bad.

    • Nd60

      HA HA 😀 😀

      sometime just shit yourself how can this be, beyond dumb?
      how many limbs will you dare your enemy to cut you off b4 you are…. silenced?
      now you want to DARE BRICKS to BUY OUT ALL THE PHYSICAL SILVER???? or have they?
      now they have gold rare earth ports industrial parks 5th gen military rule of law and…. outtathisworld help/backing/assurance andMOR… as per the BOOK.

      unfortunately you may just created a new world order lower than the 4th….
      This is a booking of destiny far beyond slavery for the rest of human history on dust ball… you dont see?
      Extinction of the civilization, from the roots, as warn/mention in previous post… SAD SAD SAD!

      why wont you see?

      neners 1150 has been breach and back and saw and seemingly gone…
      and 15 was too near and seemingly untouchable now…
      all in the 1-2 wk of nov…
      if you want to try again Antonov are ready… thank you
      xmas aint coming for some… many….
      there is the Time in Cycle beyond alleged “freewill” (delusion)…
      and there is THE LAW…
      still waiting for the “1000” day KABOOMfireworks!!!
      though they say mayb surprised and not guaranteed… damn you all!
      the show must go on!!

      how much do you have left to play? WANNAPLAY?

      OH WELL…

      choose your destiny if you have freewill or freedom or rights or something like that…
      and if you do, WELL, you prob dont need good luck…

      so whats da s said this time….? 😀 how weird you wont see just wont see? a point of view…


  • glitter 1

    How can intelligent individuals(so Called)listen to a message and not hear what is being said.That FRN Dollar in your wallet is worth $.02 in 1913 purchasing power.Add up all of the worthless Trillions of FRN’s created out of thin air and injected into circulation along with the relentless/never ending suppression of real money,Gold and Silver,You have to be “Thick As A Brick”(remember that album) not to be able to imagine what the true value of G&S really are.
    There are people/nations out there who are planning to end the charade.If it is over your head,just stick close by,you’ll eventually get it.

  • mike

    Dont think that will ever happen..Our dollar is pure genius being debt based. It insures that hype inflation can never happen. There might be 1.5 quadrillion in derivatives etc but those are all forces that are bullish for the dollar.What will happen in a market crash or the Derivatives market imploding? There is not that much physical paper out there to hyper inflate, its mostly just digital bleeps. When the markets implode it will cancel out the majority of debt and by default destroy those digital dollars. Plenty of people will take major hits but the money supply will be reduced dramatically over night.I would say it might be wise to have 10% PMS in the event of Madmax but cash is where it’s going to be if the markets tank 50-90%. Watch the hidden secrets of Money by Malony..It explains perfectly money creation. If the debt goes so do all those new dollars. I think its a great series but I think Maloney is not looking at the other side.Just my opinion. You can see the deflation already, aint it great!!

  • Angel

    Willie and other astute analysts are more than able to stand on their own two feet without injecting irrelevant dollar-denominated price predictions into the mix. All this does is leave them wide open for criticism and attack. Stick to the meat and potatoes and leave the price/timing predictions for the barroom talk.

    Bottom line is, manipulated or not, PMs will ALWAYS have a place in an underground economy. It might not be legal, but the underground economy always flourishes during times of economic turmoil. History has proven this time after time, and this time will be no different.

    All that might be different is that the consequences for engaging in such activity may very well be more severe. Those who do so could be brushed as “economic terrorists” or something of the like, but this won’t stop people from using PMs in this manner.

    For the investor types who are more than a little disappointed that the metals didn’t perform to their expectations and who now deem anyone a fool who still believes in them, I’m afraid you’re missing the point. Not everyone here had such motivations, nor do we now. It isn’t about fiat dollar profit, it’s about wealth preservation.

    So when the SHTF (and REALLY hits it), this metal will be sought after by anyone who is even partially aware. And those holding it will be all the better, whether it’s legal or otherwise (and regardless of some artificial price that is attached to it).

    • Stuckinsidethematrix

      Good comment.
      You raise the very important issue of the Underground Economy. This, and the ‘legality’ of trade in general is an excellent point and a subject in itself.

      People are very creative, and just because the the biggest organised criminal gang (ie the .Gov) doesnt want anyone effecting thier profits, does not mean that trade wont go on under the radar – whatever the mafia gov say.

      Historically, Gold, medicinal herbs, weapons (not just firearms), and even food stockpiles above a certain size, have all been ‘banned’ by governments and kings in the past. It never stopped the people trading between themselves.

      The underground economy you mention is already massive, and come the collapse will grow exponentially, because whats the alternative? We just give up and die because ‘the government say so’?

      So what if the Gov says Silver is ‘banned’, for example? Thats it then, we throw it all away, or hand it in during an amnesty, or for $1 or $100 per ounce (as Gold once was handed in) if we take it to a bank?

      Not a chance – people will trade ‘underground’, and even move it abroad if appropriate.

      If the escape routes are closed, or the risks of trade are too great, then for the time being, that metal goes into ‘deep storage’, whence it came, or is ‘misslaid’ during a fishing trip or whatever.

      When Gold was ‘confiscated’ by the US Gov just prior to revaluation upwards, only the sheep submitted. The awake buried it for thier children and grandchildren, or went on a cruise trip and sold it in Europe or Asia for a 75% proffit over the US Governments offer.

      There will always be ways and means……….

      • Nd60

        Darling Angel

        do you see any dinosaur around dear?
        thats call an extinction event.
        not underground dear.

        surely you know this is the shadow of the nzis
        thus if indeed the war was successfully propagated
        and the sheep start rounding around in circles
        what was their last and lasting move?
        extinction or underground?
        the enemy has always been within you know that.
        whats all that gas for? you or me? or the jews again?
        when all is boxed, tagged and monitored…

        the bear dragon and tiger merely do whatever they can to protect themselves and their little ones
        their bloodline their future their right to to keep and grow peace on this land
        they traditionally want to have nothing to do with the current you
        far from template copy your suretofail system?
        why build whats is already failed for a civilization that rooted 5thyears if not to cover your eyes?
        and they the enemy within want to collapse all to resurrect themselves as remnant of gods and you know that
        so extinction or underground?

        Stack? MOR MOR MOR?

        what for? if you dont see “IT”?
        did you not save “IT” and provided a safe hidden passage to your home?
        and now you call “IT” your master and be chained forEVER?
        extinction or underground dear?

        the beginning of wisdom is to call things by its right name….
        then you can prepare accordingly…
        if you are fighting mermaids, why learn flying?

        having said that
        destiny has the habit of leaving a small hole open…
        the mayans are no more but MOM remembers and know exactly where the spirits are
        even when they are called a different artificial FAKEID name
        and obviously not in the form not shape this pair of blinded eyes can see
        what is remembered, exist.

        as said the time is upon this species to learn the difference btwn the land and the country/state
        and make the choice.
        and when so perhaps the next dimension can be allowed to open
        and space and all the other usual good things can be surfaced.

        yet again if you are for one trip and no return
        like some religion
        keep your faith


      • Angel

        Yes, stuck, I was going to mention all of the other things in the underground economy that you brought up. The sky’s the limit, after all isn’t it? So long as there’s demand for something, anything, a supplier will step up to the plate.

        This is why I could never understand the “typical” prepper who will present a laundry list of barter items, but are always sure to downplay the importance of PMs. Or leave them out entirely. In reality, MANY things will have a role in the underground economy. As you say, people are creative, and that creativity will make itself obvious in all sorts of ways when the need arises. (As you well know, prostitution ALWAYS thrives in during times of extreme economic decay. Free enterprise in action, regardless of the moral qualms some may have with it.)

        It will matter not what the authorities say. What will matter is survival, pure and simple. Or jumping on an opportunity that you know will be only come along once in a lifetime. You have what they want and they have what you want.

        That piece of land that you’ve admired ever since you were a kid might just as well be yours if you have a pocket full of shiny metal that the owner.

        As I said, the sky’s the limit.

    • lastmanstanding

      Absolutely Angel. Problem is, everyone has been weaned on globalism, not localism.
      I seldom travel more than 50 miles from my home and most times it is to work.

      The underground community is very alive and very well. That is why they want to eliminate paper fiat. The folks who want to survive have already figured that out.

      • Angel

        You got it, LMS, and they will be fighting a losing battle in trying to stop it.

        The illegal drug trade in the US, which is very much a part of the underground economy, continues to flourish in spite of its illegality and the fact that there’s more people imprisoned for drugs and drug-related offenses in the US than for anything else.

        Of course, it could be argued that TPTB really have no true intention of stopping this enterprise, because, after all, THEY are involved in the importation/production/distribution process, and they aren’t about to impede the flow of “narco money” which is a major cash cow.

        But certainly at the local and state level. and even even at the federal level to some degree, sincere attempts at combating this enterprise for many decades have failed miserably, and always will. But they will keep right on trying because, if for no other reason, it both justifies their jobs and keeps the Prison Industrial Complex alive and kicking.

        PMs in the underground economy will be no different. They may try their damnedest, but at the very most all they will accomplish is a reaping of the benefits of confiscation/voluntary surrender of PMs and the propping up of the Prison Industrial Complex, all the while completely impotent to put so much as as dent in the PM trade.

  • Andrew

    Mike, saving in cash isn’t safe either. when SHTF, bail in will be the new norm. Physical precious metals (and ammo and food stashed away) are the only asset class that are outside of gov’t radar.

    • lastmanstanding

      Cash will only be good (after a crash)for a few weeks max. If your damn lucky.

      Think about it…most savvy biz folks know what survival is and that it starts at home with family.

      When shtf, within days, they will NOT be selling food (no trucks running to resupply), guns/ammo (no trucks running to resupply), no gas, no electric possibly, no nothing for fiat. They will be trading whatever they have to get whatever they need.

      It is how the earth works…it is just that simple. Please don’t over think this.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”5

  • Steelerdude

    I told my wife, Nicole, “if they drive gold and silver down to zero, Im good with it…its still gold and silver and we own it! and if it does hit zero, you better
    be right with God!”

    Why trade your metal for paper and ink? it really boggles the mind

    • Sam

      That’s right Steelerdude!

      And what The Golden Jackass is actually saying pertaining to the astronomical price increases in the Precious is that in actuality the Fiat Price is what is failing as in devaluation in effect costing more ink and paper to purchase the real deal.

      In reading some of the above comments, sadly, some peoples kids are looking at this backasswards as in the king paper paradigm.

    • lastmanstanding

      What people don’t realize is that when the metals regain their true, rightful value, it will be at 100% of value, however value at that time is perceived. Like the dollar being valued at 100 cents…not like .02 cents as valued today.

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