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8 Dead From Exposure on East Coast: Here’s How to Survive Extreme Winter Weather

by Daisy Luther, Freedom Outpost:

Last night, Buffalo, New York reported almost six feet of snow, and the storm is still howling over the area. Thus far, 8 people have died in New York, New Hampshire, and Michigan during the extreme winter storm that has struck the North Eastern part of the United States. You could literally see a veritable tsunami of snow moving across the lake towards Buffalo.

Roofs are collapsing under the weight of the snow. Doors to homes and businesses are caving in. Motorists are stranded as traffic has completely ground to a halt. One of the victims of the storm died when he froze to death under several feet of snow after his vehicle crashed into a ditch. Yesterday, temperatures in the north east were 20 degrees colder than normal, and today promises to be colder still.

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2 comments to 8 Dead From Exposure on East Coast: Here’s How to Survive Extreme Winter Weather

  • Hannon

    It’s sad to see folks pass away from the cold, I always keep extras, like blankets, clothes and snacks in our vehicles, in one of those vacuum bags. I actual got stuck over night once in 5 degree weather in my car and I was totally fine, but had that happened before I was a father and concerned with such things, it could have gone very differently.

    • Ed_B

      I am glad that you were prepared when it counted, Hannon. All too many people do not prepare until disaster is upon them. That is THE worst possible time to prepare, IMO. Having even a few basic necessities available to us at all times is really just good old-fashioned common sense, yet so many people never give it a second thought… and it can end up costing them their lives.

      A small emergency kit in the car can be worth its weight in gold, yet costs only a few dollars. Candy, granola bars, a few space blankets, a couple of hand-warmers, a wool blanket, and some gloves will be a big help to anyone endangered by cold weather. Cold is insidious. It sneaks up on people because it dulls their awareness of the fact that their life is in danger. They simply feel tired, go to sleep, and don’t wake up.

      As you have discovered, being a parent brings us to a new level of responsibility. We must care for our children above all else, so we begin to think about any threats that could harm them. When we do that, we start to prepare for this or that and before we know it, we are prepping for just about everything.

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