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5 Surprising Properties of Sunlight You Didn’t Know About

by Rosalina, Natural News:

Nearly everyone is aware that sunlight is one of the best natural sources for Vitamin D and that least some daily exposure is needed for humans to maintain adequate levels of this important nutrient. However, there are more complex processes at work here when humans walk on the sunny side, so to speak, and a number of health benefits have emerged in scientific studies that could drastically change the way sunlight is perceived in terms of human health. Read on to find out more about the surprising benefits of sunlight.

Helps Control Pain: One interesting study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine noted the link between sunlight exposure and pain levels when it found that patients who had undergone spinal surgery did better if placed on the sunnier side of the hospital unit. Patients on this side were exposed to about 46% more sunlight on average and it was found that those who underwent this exposure reported feeling less stressed and in addition took 22% fewer analgesics and also cost 21% less in terms of pain control.

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