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Hagel’s Ritual Resignation and ‘The War Ahead’

by Patrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire:

Another ritual resignation took place in Washington…

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (R) threw in the towel today by tendering his resignation to President Barack Obama, amidst all the usual pomp and circumstance at the White House (America’s equivalent to a royal divorce). His swift departure could be for a number of reasons – health, stress from having to lie to the public on a daily basis, or simply poor performance.

Did Hagel really resign, or was he actually relieved of duty by his betters? The writing was already on the wall… 

The whole ceremony couldn’t be more seedy or over the top. Obama was on his right, leaning in (too close for comfort), and Joe Biden on his left, with Hagel suffocating in the middle trying to give his exit speech. When the President gives a long-winded speech about what “close friends” they are and when Hagel has to kiss the ring of Biden, referring to Uncle Joe as his mentor, you can be sure that the knife in Hagel’s back was buried deep indeed.

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