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As Reality Sets In, 215,000 Doctors DUMP Obamacare

from NextNewsNetwork:

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5 comments to As Reality Sets In, 215,000 Doctors DUMP Obamacare

  • Joanne

    Wait until the employer mandate expires… and employers dump their employees due to the cost of health care they can’ t afford and actually stay in business. This piece of work in the White House will attempt to force physicians to take Obamacare patients, with threats or bribery.

  • Ed_B

    The ACA simply is not workable and this is yet additional proof of that. It was sold as something wondrous yet it is not even workable in the real world. The poor are unhappy that it isn’t free. The middle class is getting MUCH higher premiums and deductibles, and the upper class has no need of it. So, just who is the constituency that is satisfied with this dog of a program? Wait. Let me guess. It is the politicians who voted this mess in yet do not have it for their families. Not having their skin in the game is how we end up with crap like this. You can bet that if the ACA applied to government employees, including those in the US House and Senate, this would be a MUCH improved law.

  • Jud

    Just got notice our premiums went from 317 /mo to 850 /mo. Most my wife and I have ever claimed was once a year doctor appt and annual blood test. We are 60 years old. Decided to cancel and tke our chances. Best case is we hope the system destroys itself in a year.

  • jud

    Thank you for the condolences. Fortunately my wife and I are in good health. We took early retirement, left metro phoenix to a rural retirement location. Environment is safe , low traffic, little crime etc. Our pension system health plan which is even more than that can be rejoined with no pre existing requirement. The increase is solely due to obamacare. We had a catostrophic plan which was perfect for us. Those are not possible to get anymore. Actually I run into people here all the time that have no insurance. They just pay the doctor direct.

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