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Will the COMEX Default?

from Moments in Trading via, The Victory Report:

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6 comments to Will the COMEX Default?

  • Bob A

    Same people, different time, same message. Too funny.

    • Frank Zak

      Silver can never default. But, if the forces that be take
      gold to $1,000, it can definitely default.

      Gold is such a massive market it can take down the system
      in milliseconds. More than S&P and Dow Jones combined.

      The ETF’s and bullion banks have little gold left.

  • sam

    When you make ALL of the rules you cannot go broke/default. Impossible. Remember in 1980 when silver reached nearly $50? TPTB simply changes the “rules”… you could not buy silver you could only sell silver. Don’t think that people with trillions and trillions of dollars are making mistakes and are idiots. Quite the contrary.

    Q: Will COMEX default?
    A: Only if TPTB want it to!

  • Jolly Roger

    Well the initial premise of this site was protection from the lunatics through silver, which was completely and transparently genuine IMO. All the arguments for these metals still hold true but price action speaks to an inversion of that logic. If you’ve been here long enough then you’ll have followed the price all the way up and now all the way down. Hugely painful for all concerned, unless your selling your book of course.

    The stock market is now going to go into a wave 5 extension and double again for here, maybe more. This is another 1929 all over again, and while that’s happening the metals are going to go right back to where they started, irrespective of the QE – which if you haven’t noticed is completely globally coordinated.

    Totally broken system. Crooked to the core. Nonsensical. Sickening. Criminal. And hugely, hugely dangerous for small fry like you and me.

    No-ones talking about Water Street , remember that? Days after that Goldman Sachs proclaimed the end of silver. (Did they washed their hands of their crooked trades and reload?) But Greenspan said it months ago – “The only thing that matters now is the stock market.” That’s it. And it seems obvious where this leads – zirp to infinity, bankrupt governments, financial repression and serfdom for us all, and TNCs ruling the world.

    As for gold and silver – it feels like all the exits have been blocked – its the same where every you look, the legal system, law enforcement, politics, military actions overseas, media brainwashing, programming and conformity, education, religion – on and on and on.

    We better start finding solutions and doing something about this rather than focusing on the perceived value of a piece of metal, because in the end they’ll confiscated every oz through a devaluation to zero. The FEMA camps will be filled with stackers unless we act – bollocks to the money – we must get politically active and together we can sort this out – there is no other way.

    • glitter 1

      All good points,it is what it is.Not every opinion can be correct,everyone has to think and decide which is best for them.When Keynes was asked/questioned about the results of his monetary thesis and how it would work out to be,he said:”In the end we’re all dead”!

      Every single one of those names,and others,showcased on the short video were absolute heroes and geniuses in 2010/2011,now they are all idots/charlatans/PM Pimpers,just like all of the so called geniuses(back from the dead following 2000)who are now back at it calling for the Dow & S&P to keep right on Plowing onward and upward,the sky’s the limit!!!Buy Stocks,Yeah!!!
      I did enjoy the tune to the video.

  • Angel

    Answer: EVENTUALLY.

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