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Will Our Society Survive Complexity?

from McalvanyFinancial:

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7 comments to Will Our Society Survive Complexity?

  • Nd60


    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:

    And on the pedestal these words appear:

    ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away!

    If only anyone can learn from history, they may be saved.
    saved from what? themselves. u?

    be safe n be ready.


    • Nd60

      AWESOME!!! MAY B THE BEST for 2014!!!

      Listen to the last 3 min at least…
      if not the whole conversation!!!!

      listen to this 3 times! Absolute great teachings!!!
      A lot to think about and digest its deep and far reaching implications.

      may just save you and family with this piece of knowledge
      when you put it into action in life-or-death flip of the coin!

      be safe n be ready


  • Scott

    Complexity sucks! I have spent 100 hours over the past twenty years on the phone with Time Warner to come fix their fucking inferior cable product. Man do I miss having just 6 channels with rabbit ears!!

    • Nd60

      HA HA 😀 😀

      but then they would nicely say to you,
      “dear customer, we give you CHOICE!!! and choice is FREEDOM!!!”
      (just give us another hundred dollars on the channels
      you dont have enough eyes to watch
      and btw pls resign for another 10 yrs to get 1 mth free)

      If you like your cable, you can keep your cable!! 😀

      ya you are totally right and i wonder if the EMpdid come,
      would the rabbit ear be more expensive than whole of TWar company?

      i too remember the time when the 3rd channel came on in my country
      and it was technology defining moment
      as if it was the first day of national independence day!
      and people was really happy
      and now with 200 buttons on the remote is still ‘not enough’ ‘smth MOR MOR MOR is out there’

      what rabbit hole have we got suckered into?

      this audio resonance w me deeper today
      prob also because President Xi gave similar mention on the Chi national day
      – complexity is not necessary ‘ glorious rich’ and ‘advance’ if it lead to slavery and war
      while simplicity has its inner beauty and closer to what good life and freedom is about

      be safe and be ready


  • Anon

    “Are we increasing in complexity and costliness JUST TO MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO?” IF SO, “then ultimately that leads to collapse.” (What did the Roman Empire do? Debased the currency (the denarius), and more heavily TAXED THE PEASANTS! What did the people of England (the outer limits of the Roman Empire) do? They stashed GOLD COINS!) WE ARE THERE. Status quo simply means maintaining the current system of CONTROL(S) – which means no FREEDOM, no COMPETITION, no FREE MARKETS, no INCENTIVE to INNOVATE in ways that COULD benefit humanity – & that won’t be ALLOWED to be implemented by the 1%, who do not have anything but CONTROL (OF THE MASSES) FOR THEIR OWN (PERSONAL) PRIVATE PROFIT, as parasites, in mind. Once the average man on the street, and increasingly greater segments of the “complex” society no longer see any advantage in participating in their own FINANCIAL RAPE, by government, and begin to EXIT, by storing their TRUE WEALTH – THEIR SAVINGS EARNED FROM THEIR LABOR – IN SILVER AND GOLD, IN THEIR OWN POSSESSION, RATHER THAN THE EVER-DEPRECIATING CURRENCY AT THE BANK, WHICH SERVES ONLY TO KEEP THEM ON THE HAMSTER WHEEL OF TWO, OR THREE JOBS, IN A FAILING EFFORT TO SUPPORT THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES – once the average American household can no longer support itself the members of that household will begin to look for ALTERNATIVES! The safest alternatives are silver and gold. Have been for THOUSANDS of years! WHAT IS ‘COMPLEXITY’? IT IS GOVERNMENT TAKING FROM (taxing) THOSE WHO PRODUCE ACTUAL, TANGIBLE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, and giving it to those who are not actually producing a tangible product or service! THAT is ‘complexity’. Our government has grown TOO BLOATED! IT SERVES THE CORPORATIONS AT THE EXPENSE OF CULTURE, AND AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PEOPLE, who, once they can no longer personally support LEVIATHAN – well…then, we have collapse. And, if you can export your fiat machinations throughout the world, well, then you can control the entire world – or, so the ‘globalists’ think!

    When the world is globalized you’re going to set fire to the whole thing with one match. – René Girard

    • Anon

      Societal collapse always wreaks havoc on the lower classes – the poor, and working class. The wealthiest parasites have no national identity – they can just move their wealth and themselves to some other (more free, more secure, and more profitable) location. When Napoleon officially ended the Venetian Maritime Empire in 1797, the wealthiest Venetians simply moved their gold elsewhere in Europe – such as to Holland. Similarly, when Rome collapsed, some patrician Roman families (ruling class families of Rome) fled to the lagoons of Venice, which eventually became the greatest Maritime Republic of the Medieval world, primarily because by virtue of conducting trade free of the imposition of crushing taxation, Venetian merchants grew incredibly prosperous. The Venetians also had a diplomatic corps (as well as spies) that infiltrated foreign lands and governments, and benefited greatly from playing one foreign rival off another, to the benefit of Venice! (It was always the poor, and working classes, who suffered the most, as the various governments of antiquity grew increasingly desperate, and increasingly rapacious, and ever more parasitical to merely support their status quo. Eventually, their status quo becomes UN-SUPPORTABLE, and then, you have collapse. Be prepared. Protect yourselves).

      • Nd60

        WOW Anon you have good knowledge of history and rather passionate
        your version of it anyway…

        sometimes i wonder what will happen to
        the american indians if the white never came?
        they seemed like a quiet and peaceful bunch
        with high orientation to spirituality and not things of this world?

        but then perhaps to be fair the question we can still ask here/today is,
        do you want to enjoy the simplicity of life therefore rely on nature providence?
        you want to play their game of ‘money’ power’ and mouse trap?

        i cannot begin to imagine when all the human-erected complex/confused systems collapse
        whether by asteroid, earthquake, solar flare or river of fire
        what would such ‘elite’ say when they are force to wake up
        to the only and true power that govern this earth
        and force to accept their are also mere meat bodies
        subject to disease, destruction and death?
        just like the animal next to them? same same no?

        but then again why are they born as ‘elite’ and other are born as ‘poor’?

        if you are comfortable to go another level up to question reincarnations and origin of spirits/soul 🙂
        to make sense of what happen to you today/this life 🙂

        dream within dream? time within time? 🙂

        be safe n be ready


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