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Will Ebola Be Blamed For the Collapsing Economy?

from X22Report:

Episode 489

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2 comments to Will Ebola Be Blamed For the Collapsing Economy?

  • Ed_B

    Ebola will contribute to the velocity of collapse, as it is already doing in West Africa, but it will not cause something to happen that it already happening. All of the weird things that are going on in national and world economies are happening BECAUSE the fiat paper Ponzi debt scheme is coming unraveled. This system creates debt whenever currency is printed. This interest HAS to be paid to the printer, which is the Fed via the US Treasury. Ergo, the economy MUST grow at a rate that exceeds this interest rate or the economy will shrink… fewer businesses, fewer jobs, fewer opportunities, and less wealth to go around. Hmmm… that sounds VERY familiar about now.

    Just because this train wreck of an economy is crashing slowly does not mean that it is OK or that it is not crashing because it is. But it is not doing so quickly. Some interpret that as if it is not crashing. They are wrong and history will prove it over the next few years. When the US has its “Argentina moment”, it will rapidly become clear to event the dolts among us that all is NOT well, that it hasn’t been well for some time, and that the S has well and truly HTF. Until then, however, the MSM and their propaganda factory has them by the (brain) lobes.

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