The Phaserl


Which Way Is Truth?

by Elva Thompson, Zen Gardner:

The Lonely Road

Waking up to the truth about our manipulated reality, the human farm, the ‘loosh rote’ and the nature of the fractal world, is an overwhelming toxic shock, and as revelation upon revelation rocks our psyche, and the rug of normality is pulled out from underneath our feet…we are irrevocably changed.

Our preconceived ideas about reality disintegrate, and the walls of comfortability we’ve built around ourselves fall like dominoes and are swept away. Our personal wants and desires pale into insignificance in the face of our new awareness. We no longer gel with family and friends, have no time for small talk, or shallow and meaningless conversations, and when we try to express our new found understanding, even to those closest to us, we are often met with apathy and ridicule.

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