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Wealth of Richest 400 Americans Surges to $2.29 TRILLION

by Andre Damon, Global Research:

The wealthiest 400 people in the United States had their combined net worth grow thirteen percent to $2.29 trillion this year, amidst a surging stock market and record corporate profits. The figures come from the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans, compiled every year since 1982 by the American business magazine of the same name.

As Forbes noted last week, the net worth of these 400 individuals is “about the same as the gross domestic product of Brazil, a country of 200 million people.” The average net worth of the Forbes 400 hit $5.7 billion, up by $700 million over the past year.

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1 comment to Wealth of Richest 400 Americans Surges to $2.29 TRILLION

  • Rodster

    I don’t think people really care who makes what and by how much. They start getting pissed when they can’t feed themselves and see no future for themselves or their children. That’s when they notice how much a Bill Gates has.

    That’s why there was the so called Arab Spring and riots sprung up in Spain, Italy, Turkey etc etc.

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