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WARNING: Avoid this corrupt, third-world country at all costs

from Sovereign Man:

John Anderson, an American tourist from San Clemente, California, was driving down a poorly-maintained highway when he saw flashing lights in his rearview mirror. After a brief exchange with the local police officer, Anderson was shocked when the cop started searching his vehicle. Anderson had $25,180 in US dollar cash in the car, which by the way was not a crime according to the local laws. When the cop saw it, he told Anderson that we would take it and threatened him with arrest if he protested.

Anderson couldn’t believe it. This is the sort of stuff you always hear about in these third world countries—corrupt cops and state robbery. Ultimately Anderson gave in; the cop let him go and did not charge him with a crime, but took every last penny in the vehicle. And for the last two years, Anderson has been trying to unsuccessfully fight it in the country’s Kangaroo court system.

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2 comments to WARNING: Avoid this corrupt, third-world country at all costs

  • Sam

    Perhaps, before the system can be corrected back to a Constitutional Republic, it would be best to travel with the bulk of your travel cash stashed while keeping crumpled up small change in the vehicle glove box and 2 bits in your lint lined pants pocket?

    This is a growing problem and completely counter to everything intended that was established over 200 years ago in America. Incredible!

  • jerry

    More reasons to buy bit coin

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