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US has no right to interfere in HongKong: China

from The BRICS Post:

After three weeks of protests over Chinese restrictions on how the island chooses its next leader in 2017, Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi told Washington it has no “right to interfere” in the affairs of Hong Kong which are China’s domestic affairs.

Yang clarified China’s position on issues concerning Hong Kong during his talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry over the weekend.

Yang said China hopes that the US will be “discreet with its words and deeds” and refrain from supporting, in any form, such activities as “Occupying Central,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said on Sunday.

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2 comments to US has no right to interfere in HongKong: China

  • NaySayer

    I knew a guy locally who had left Hong Kong in advance of the chinese getting it back from Britain in 1997. It was 1995 and he had a nice red british passport he showed me. I asked him why britian wasn’t obligated to take everybody who wanted to leave hong kong since they had british passports and were british subjects, but he said it didn’t work like that. Britian wasn’t taking anybody except the rich, important, connected or really talented people.

    He had relatives here and he begged them to sponsor him because he wanted out before Britain’s treaty ended and they had no choice but to leave hong kong to the communist chinese.

    Alan told me that everybody and I mean EVERYBODY was trying to find a way out of hong kong before 1997.

    The big corporations left for Singapore mostly, they took all their key employees with them. The wealthy left too. The only people left were the poor with no connections or any way out.

    China promised that Hong Kong would get special consideration but I think everybody knew they lied and it would only be a matter of time before they cracked down. I honestly didn’t think it would take them this long.

  • WillyT

    The headline says it all, just like China would have had no right to interfere when the occupy wall street movement was happening. ( Even though the brutality of the police should have been addressed by government and wasn’t). The United States needs to keep their nose out of everyone else’s business, or other countries will have the right to stick their nose into Washington’s business. Just sayin.

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