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U.S. Dollar’s Unsustainable Fraud: Fed’s Desperation Increasing As The World Dumps The Dollar For Gold & Silver

from Political Vel Craft:

… Artificial/fraudulent ‘silver paper’ has and is been/being dumped into the COMEX which is seen as ‘actual silver’ when it comes to chart movement. This is the NWO’s attempt to buoy up ‘confidence’ in the ‘petrodollar’ to the public. This is also called ‘painting the charts’, an illegal act which bastardizes ‘supply/demand’ ratios to the public. The NWO is in serious trouble with the ‘petrodollar’ and many nations are dumping the worthless fiat USD.

One of their games is to keep the precious metal charts from skyrocketing, which would be like watching a 4th. of July Fireworks display out in the open and notifying everyone that its over. The COMEX has been robbed of their physical silver through ‘paper derivatives aka; paper silver’ and like a precious metals fairy, the metal was removed and a piece of paper was left in its stead. In fact, they have dumped so much paper silver into the COMEX, they have now artificially driven the price of ‘physical silver’ below the cost to mine it. China, Russia, India, and many other countries are taking advantage of this artificial situation by demanding ‘physical silver’. We are at the Crux of this scheme and America has been looted and this is nothing more than a cover up.

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