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This one chart shows exactly how undervalued gold is right now…

from Sovereign Man:

For the benefit of anyone living under a rock these past weeks, Bill Gross, the so-called “Bond King” and manager of the world’s largest bond fund (PIMCO), jumped ship before he could be shoved overboard. PIMCO’s owners, Allianz, must surely regret having allowed so much power to be centralized in the form of one single ‘star’ manager. In a messy transfer in which nobody came out of well, Janus Capital announced that Bill Gross would be joining to run a start- up bond fund, before he had even announced his resignation from PIMCO (but then again Janus was a two-faced god).

This was deliriously tacky behavior from within a normally staid backwater of the financial markets. Some financial media reported this as a ‘David vs Goliath’ story; in reality it is anything but.

The story can be more accurately summarized as ‘Bond fund manager leaves gigantic asset gatherer for other gigantic asset gatherer’ (Janus Capital’s $178 billion in client capital being hardly small potatoes).

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