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The Warmest Survival Blanket – Wool Or Polar Fleece?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Have you ever wondered what is the best survival blanket to have — either in your car as part of a basic survival kit, or in your home, or in a bug-out bag, etc.?

Here are my thoughts:

First, let’s understand where the warmth of a blanket comes from.

Warmth comes from the heat of your body. To keep that warmth near your body, the blanket needs to trap the air close. It does this by the gap spaces between the fabric threads.

A blanket that stays the warmest is directly related to it’s fabric capacity to hold warm air.

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1 comment to The Warmest Survival Blanket – Wool Or Polar Fleece?

  • Ian Downes

    I would be interested to know as I am currently part of as Care team for the Edinburgh care van and we want to purchase survival blankets for the homeless on Edinburgh street this winter.. cost is an issue as funds are tight.. appreciate positive contributions.. cheers.. Ian..

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