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The Swiss Gold Referendum

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Regular readers are aware that almost alone amongst Western populations; the people of Switzerland continue to act and think like citizens — rather than serfs. Specifically, we see regular referendums where the people have sought to place their own best interests ahead of the interests of large corporations (and the Bankers).

They had a vote (narrowly defeated) to put a hard cap on “executive compensation”, which would have rolled back the obscene “compensation” which these Thieves steal from their own companies by as much as 90%. It would have also restored executive compensation back to the same levels it was at when there was prosperity across the Western world.

Limiting Executive Compensation: the Swiss Example

They had a vote (also narrowly defeated) to create the nations first “minimum wage” — at the lofty level of $25/hour. However, since Switzerland already has the highest standard of living in the Western world, the vote was largely symbolic. More than 90% of Swiss workers already make more than $25/hr — unlike the “WalMart” economies of North America.

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