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The Soaring Dollar Debate: Good, Bad, Ugly

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

The dollar is on a tear. And the world is scrambling to figure out what it means.

Beginning with the always-interesting Martin Armstrong in a recent Financial Sense interview:

“I know a lot of people that hate the dollar, but you have to understand the dollar is really only the game in town. Yes, we have a big debt but that debt is absorbed by central banks just having to hold reserves. They’re holding it in U.S. government debt. You can’t hold debt of Greece. Debt of Germany just went negative…France is in trouble as well as Spain and Italy…

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1 comment to The Soaring Dollar Debate: Good, Bad, Ugly

  • DDearborn


    “the only game in town” now you know that is a flat out lie. China and Russia as well as some of the trading partners have been bypassing the dollar completely for some time now. And the fact that the dollar is on a “tear” really doesn’t mean a thing at this point. The dollar has in fact been systematically debased by the FED for decades.The dollar has declined to such an extent that even a few cents increase represents a significant percentage change in “value”. Even though to the average citizen despite the 5% or or more increase, in real terms the valuation is so low it has absolutely NO material effect for the working class. On the other hand if you are a member of the 1/10 of 1% making your money via arbitrage; well happy days are here again! For the rest of us it is just another con.

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