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The Illegal Poisoning Of California’s Remaining Water Supply

by Dane Wigington, Zen Gardner:

I got a shocking message this afternoon from a contact I have at California EPA, some of California’s remaining aquifers are being illegally poisoned with highly toxic industrial wastewater that is being injected into wells. This sounds like a plot from a Steven Seagal movie, but it is happening and it must be exposed. Just when you think it can not get any worse or any more insane, another giant leap is taken in that direction.

The climate engineers continue to cut off the hydrological cycle from the state of California, they have created a drought of unprecedented magnitude which has caused radical ground water depletion. Now, some of the last remaining aquifers may be in danger of permanent contamination. Billions of gallons of industrial waste filled with highly toxic chemicals have been illegally injected into wells in the Central Valley.

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1 comment to The Illegal Poisoning Of California’s Remaining Water Supply

  • David Hollands Curran

    I can’t help think that eventually the most unlikely people will find themselves in the street, yelling: ‘Repent, repent…’

    “Just when you think it can not get any worse or any more insane…”

    Yes, when reality becomes one big epic movie script people will begin to question reality and the absurdity that this world has become. The endgame is loaded with multitudinous scenarios. People are being forced into facing their demons one way or another.

    Whenever they wake up in search for meaning they will belatedly (if ever) find the answers they are searching for are beyond this world. People should start to open their mind to some of the outstanding guests and discussions on Alfred Webre’s YouTube channel.

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