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MUST READ: The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11

What follows is based on a recent Scott lecture entitled “The JFK Assassination and Other Deep Events”, and will be expanded on further in his next book, The American Deep State, due out in November.

by Prof Peter Dale Scott, Global Research:

For some time now, I have been analyzing American history in the light of what I have called structural deep events: events, like the JFK assassination, the Watergate break-in, Iran-Contra, or 9/11, which repeatedly involve law-breaking or violence, are mysterious to begin with, are embedded in ongoing covert processes, have political consequences that enlarge covert government, and are subsequently covered up by systematic falsifications in the mainstream media and internal government records.

The more I study these deep events, the more I see suggestive similarities between them, increasing the possibility that they are not unrelated external intrusions on American history, but parts of an endemic process, sharing to some degree or other a common source.

For example, one factor linking Dallas, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11, has been the involvement in all four deep events of personnel involved in America’s highest-level emergency planning, known since the 1950s as Continuity of Government (COG) planning, or more colloquially inside the Pentagon as “the Doomsday Project.”

A few of these actors may have been located at the top, as overseers of the secret COG system. Others – including some I shall talk about today – were located further down in its secret communications network.

I see this planning group as one among many in what I have chosen to call the American deep state, along with agencies like the CIA and NSA, the private groups like Booz Allen Hamilton to which more than half of the US intelligence budget is outsourced, and finally the powerful banks and corporations whose views are well represented in the CIA and NSA. But if only one group among many, the COG planning group is also special, because of its control of and access to a communications channel, not under government control, that can reach deeply into the US social structure. I discuss these matters at some length in my next book, The American Deep State, due out in November.

03COG planning was originally authorized by Truman and Eisenhower as planning for a response to a crippling atomic attack that had decapitated government. In consequence its planning group contemplated extreme measures, including what Alfonso Chardy in 1987 called “suspension of the Constitution.” And yet in Iran-Contra its asset of a secret communications network, developed for the catastrophe of decapitation, was used instead to evade an official embargo on arms sales to Iran that dated back to 1979. My question today is whether the network could have been similarly misused in November 1963.

The Iran-contra misuse has been well-documented. Oliver North supervised the sale of arms to Iran by using his resources as the National Security Council action officer for COG planning, under cover of a “National Program Office” that was overseen by then Vice-President George H. W.  Bush. North and his superiors could thus use the COG emergency network, known then as Flashboard, for the arms sales to Iran that had to be concealed from other parts of the Washington bureaucracy as well as the public. So when North had to send emergency instructions for arms delivery to the US Embassy in Lisbon, instructions that directly contravened the embargo prohibiting such sales, he used the Flashboard network to avoid alerting the Ambassador and other unwitting personnel.

04The documented example of Iran-Contra allows me to explain what I am saying about the users of the COG network, and also what I am not saying. To begin with, I am not saying that a single “Secret Team” has for decades been using the COG network to manipulate the US Government from outside it. There is no evidence to suggest that North’s actions in Iran-Contra were known to any of his superiors other than CIA chief William Casey and probably George Bush. The point is that a very small group had access to a high-level secret network outside government review, in order to implement a program in opposition to government policy. They succumbed to the temptation to use this secure network that had been designed for other purposes. I have argued elsewhere that this secure network was used again on 9/11, to implement key orders for which the 9/11 Commission could find no records. Whether it was also used for illicit purposes is not known.

It is certain that the COG emergency network program survived North’s demise, and continued to be secretly developed for decades, at a cost of billions, and overseen by a team including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. It is relevant that the two men’s presence on the committee spanned three administrations – those of Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton — even though at one point under Clinton neither man held a position inside the U.S. government. Such continuity was essential for a group so secret that few records existed of its activities. And on 9/11 COG plans were officially implemented for the first time, by Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, the two men who had planned them for so many years.

Whether or not they knew about Iran-Contra, Cheney and Rumsfeld were on the COG planning committee at the time of Iran-Contra. There is no such obvious link between COG planning and Watergate, but the involvement of COG personnel in Watergate is nonetheless striking. James McCord, one of the Watergate burglars, was a member of a small Air Force Reserve unit in Washington attached to the Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) that was assigned “to draw up lists of radicals and to develop contingency plans for censorship of the news media and U.S. mail in time of war.” His unit was part of the Wartime Information Security Program (WISP), which had responsibility for activating “contingency plans for imposing censorship on the press, the mails and all telecommunications (including government communications) [and] preventive detention of civilian ‘security risks,’ who would be placed in military ‘camps.’” In addition, John Dean, perhaps the central Watergate figure, had overseen secret COG activities when serving as the associate deputy attorney general.

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6 comments to MUST READ: The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11

  • rich

    Saturday, October 11, 2014
    CalPERS Targets PEU Big Three
    Pensions & Investments reported:

    CalPERS’ investment committee has cleared the way for the pension fund’s private equity staff to make more investments with its three largest private equity partners, Apollo Global Management, Carlyle Group and Blackstone Group, allowing billions of dollars more to go to the private equity giants.

    The committee approved raising the limit on the amount of committed capital that can go to any one private equity firm to 15% from 10% of the pension fund’s $31.4 billion private equity portfolio.

    CalPERS invested in 7 Blackstone funds, 10 Apollo funds and 27 Carlyle funds. Storied PEU’s will garner more of CalPERS private equity investments.

    While the disclosure does not name the managers, CalPERS statistics show that as of March 31, Blackstone was near the 10% cap with more than $2.5 billion in investments; Carlyle, with more than $3.5 billion, and Apollo, with more than $4.5 billion, exceeded 10%.

    The move enables CalPERS to put another $2 billion in Blackstone and $1 billion in Carlyle, in which CalPERS once held an equity stake. Ring the bell on Pennsylvania Avenue!

  • dan

    when the currency crisis begins…. the workers and retirees who rebel in californika….will only have rotten fruits and vegetables to use as weapons against the enforcers of their masters…..imho

    • Ed_B

      If they submit to tyranny and give up their arms, that will be all they deserve to have. In spite of this, however, patriots in neighboring states will rectify this problem.

    • J

      Thought for Today:

      “A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has
      Guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare,
      Free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free
      Utilities, and only law enforcement has guns.”

      “And believe it or not, such a place does indeed exist.”

      “It’s called prison.”

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio
      Maricopa County Sheriff

  • Morgan Stout

    The moneychangers and MIC are very active during a constitutional crisis…..

    2 months after JFK was killed, LBJ signed the order to remove silver from our coinage and escalated the Vietnam war…

    The petro-dollar (1974) was born from the fake Watergate crisis enabling the US Military into the MEast…..(Yom Kipper war was the cover)..

    Clinton saved his presidency (and pocketed $100 million post-presidency) during Monica gate as Glass-Steagal was overturned in 1999 (Clinton was acquitted in Feb 1999 Graham Leach Biliey was signed by Clinton in Nov 1999), the banksters had been trying to get Glass overturned for 20yrs……..two yrs later the MIC got their war(s)GWOT

    The banksters/tankers(MIC) always get their way…

  • Ed_B

    Agree that the Watergate event was trumped up. But it was virtually insignificant compared to ANY of the Obamunist scandals that have occurred in the past 6 years, let along all of them in aggregate.

    As to Clinton, he was not acquitted. The Senate merely declined to convict his sorry ass. They would have had they not been far more interested in Dem power than in doing what was right for the country. That one event showed their true color but it went right over the heads of their constituents, so no problem. :-/

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