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The Enlargement Of The Dialectic Collapse

by JC Collins, Alt-Market:

As discussed and defined in the post The First False Flags, a process of Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, which we will call CSI, has been taking place since at least the early 1600’s. This is a process where international banking interests use hidden strategies and methodologies to effect change on the macroeconomic level.

The disorganized masses, the large majority of the population for which the CSI is targeted, are intentionally divided and confused about the broader mandates and purposes of the international bankers, or Money Changers.

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1 comment to The Enlargement Of The Dialectic Collapse

  • George

    IQ of typical American in USA?
    Makes my head hurt, the possible answer is that yanks are done in, they have been wired into confusion thru ongoing and never ending chaos.
    Listen: there is no democracy here. Duped into being in the Axis of Evil, todays US citizens haven’t much of a clue – that in reality the place has been taken over!

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