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The Economic ENDGAME Has Arrived | Jim Willie

from FinanceAndLiberty:

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19 comments to The Economic ENDGAME Has Arrived | Jim Willie

  • Sam

    An eye opening 200% inflation for the USSA along with a devaluation of a domestic new red colored dollar in the range of 60%…plus a lot more on the global scale in regard to alliances etc and the PM prices doubling 2-3x’s current levels…
    The sobering thing to consider is, the Jackass does have ~ 80% historical accuracy with the forecasts made & were made way ahead of many…

  • Beligerant

    Why can’t Jim Willie make his interviews in 15 or 20 minutes? Whenever I click on a link and the interview is an hour or two hours I leave the site. I can only guess 95% of the this interview has been covered numerous times and by numerous commentators.

  • Tyler Durden II

    Of topic but did anyone else witness an above average amount of spraying/geoengineering yesterday? I am in SE PA and it was extensive. It was heavy at home and heavy 20 miles away at work.

    • SGT

      Same in the northern midwest, there is very rarely a clear blue sky day any more like I knew when I was a kid.

    • Eric

      you guys should see the west coast. It seems they have stopped spraying as much inland and do it just off the coast. I see them blowing inland everyday. Most people think they are clouds.

    • Paul T

      Yes! I live in southern Alabama right outside Mobile and as my dad and I were driving across the causeway, I looked up and saw a whole lot of weird spray trails in the sky. Even my dad said something about it and he’s one of the biggest sheep I know. That’s crazy you say that!

  • rich

    An Open Letter to the Mining Industry

    Below is a letter I plan to send to each producing mining company and precious metals mutual fund that I own personally. Gold and silver prices have been diluted by paper contracts to the point where no money can be made producing gold and an industry loss producing silver. Years ago, Rob McEwen of Goldcorp decided to withhold the sale of gold production to be held in their treasury until prices were higher. THIS is exactly what needs to be done now as a counterbalance to the unbacked paper contracts being sold to depress prices. The COMEX and naked shorts need to be starved for metal, the strong demand is doing this slowly while the mining industry could do this very quickly.

    Please, copy and paste the below and sign with your name to any producing mining companies you have investments in. Also, do the same for any gold mutual funds you may own and ask the money manager to contact their holdings with this same letter. Government has an incentive to keep metals prices down and the lapdog regulators are allowing it to happen. Price manipulation is illegal, if the authorities will not fix it, hopefully the industry itself has sense enough to finally do something!

  • wauhoo

    Jim Willie is a heavyweight champ boxer with a high pitched voice. Yes, this one goes 10 rounds but is the usual knockout. One of his best fights.

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    You may like him or not but Jim Willie is very interesting and most of the time right in his forecasts.For sure I trust him much more than the MSM tales.

  • Shana Hughes

    Little Willie sure LIKES to hear himself talk

  • Doris

    I’m sure glad we have somebody who likes to talk about these things and keep us informed (beligerant!!!!). Many people seem to turn a blind eye to the dire situation that faces us and become very judgmental when somebody speaks up about it. Thanks Dr. Willie, you do us all a great service!

  • Eric

    I just heard some idiot say how the destruction of the middle class began when Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers.

    Tried to tell them how it started with the federal reserve but they don’t listen.

    The BIGGEST problem with America are the AMERICANS! I should just call them AmeriCANTS.

    They are the dumbest, most ignorant, most uninformed, most unprepared and most confident stupid people in the west!

    • Andy

      It took me a minute or two to stop laughing…
      What you say is quite true, and obviously so. I remember I think it was Mark Dice asking your average American various questions about
      What was Independence Day about? thanks giving? Where was Iraq on a world map? The answers were truly stunning.
      Most people asked not only didn’t know the answers to these questions they actually didn’t care. This is not a good thing or something to be proud of. In Europe I like to think our education system actually teaches us stuff that could be useful in later life, like walking talking and chewing gum at the same time without overloading our brains. Oh and BTW just as a final note. Australians beware, because most Yanks questioned over a world map, thought Australia was Iraq! I expect the drone of B52’s coming to bomb the shit out of Sydney any time now!!

  • Johan

    I’de love to hear where youre from that makes where you live so special?

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