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The Depopulation Code — Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner

from Jeff Rense:

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3 comments to The Depopulation Code — Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner

  • Rodster

    7.2B and counting on this planet has been hurting the bankster balance sheet as well as those of central planners for a long time.

  • Angel

    So, they say that Oprah vomited, ha? As I attempt to explain to my black friends, some of whom are still bought on “Hope and Change” and all the rest of the phony baloney, many bio-weapons are race-specific and it’s their race that’s first in line to be eliminated. From what I understand, Chris Rock delved into this recently, but I have not explored what his views are.

  • IT 2 IT

    GLOBALIST—RED CHINA set up and handover TREASON was PULLED OFF.

    { GLOBALIST ] RED China is to be the ‘world model’ and, eventually, ‘world enforcer’.

    POST America is ‘USED UP’ and ‘in the way’.

    The agenda is, quite literally, written in stone.


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