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“The Debate” …If You Can Call It That?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I attended the New Orleans investment conference this past week as the guest of GATA’s Bill Murphy and Chris Powell for which I am highly grateful. There were many good and thoughtful speakers which I will write about later in the week. I specifically wanted to attend this conference for 2 reasons, Alan Greenspan (Mr. Magoo) was a keynote speaker and I not so much wanted to hear what he had to say but more importantly “how” he answered audience questions. This topic is also for later in the week.

What piqued my interest most about this conference was the proposed debate between GATA’s Chris Powell and Doug Casey of Casey research. The topic was “Is gold manipulated or not?” I had such high expectations for this but unfortunately was extremely disappointed. The format was really not much of a debate, each speaker was allowed 7 minutes to lay out their case followed by a 4 minute rebuttal period each. The problem was, they did not interact and did not debunk the other’s position. The “debate,” if you can call it that was one sided where Chris Powell laid out documentation and fact while Doug Casey gave us his opinion.

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