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The BIS Paves the Way for Silver and Gold

by Dr, Jeffrey Lewis, Silver-coin-investor:

Behind the scenes (or rather, behind the curtain of propaganda) the most influential of the banking class is sending out smoke signals. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is the bank for central banks, has telegraphed the next major world financial downturn.

As if you could not see it coming. Recently, the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) warns of ‘violent’ reversal of global markets.

“Investors take zero-rates for granted and unwisely believe that central banks will protect them,” says the Capital Markets Chief of the Bank of International Settlements.

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1 comment to The BIS Paves the Way for Silver and Gold

  • Tom Aumeg

    The BIS may be blowing smoke. To really step back and let the crash happen will re-locate all major wealth out of their present hands. I’m not sure they’re willing to let that happen. I’m also not sure they’re willing to accept the alternative, the complete death of fiat currency. But we’re coming to the classic Mises decision point now, because what it will cost to keep it afloat will sink the currency.

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