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Thailand Invites Tourists to Experience Martial Law

by Adan Salazar, Infowars:

Rather than highlight its country’s beautiful natural landscapes or its innumerable architecturally aesthetic structures, the government of Thailand is relying on its brutal law enforcement methods to entice travelers to visit the region.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), a government organization, is poised to launch a campaign urging foreign travelers to experience a “martial law” holiday, arguing that tanks on its streets and men decked out in full military attire would make tourists feel safe 24/7, states a report published on Thai website Khaosod English.

“The TAT is preparing a campaign called ’24 Hours Enjoy Thailand’ to attract foreign tourists to visit Thailand under martial law,” TAT Governor Thawatchai Arunyik told a local newspaper last week.

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2 comments to Thailand Invites Tourists to Experience Martial Law

  • Andy

    Sorry Guys at Info wars, this article is BULLSHIT.
    I’m a Brit and I have lived in Thailand for many years, why are you trying to pursued the general uneducated public that Thailand’s military are all over the place and oppressing the population? It’s Crap, they are not.
    Let me put something straight to your readers so they are under no illusions. Thailand had a serious problem with corruption in its various governments for many years, this lead to the population coming out onto the streets to demonstrate, mostly peacefully I might add.
    In the end there was a stand off between to two political factions at which point the country was in serious danger of going off the rails.
    So the military stepped in. So far since we had the military take over the corruption has by enlarge stopped or at least diminished substantially.
    There are no soldiers on the streets, certainly not in the north where I live, and even at the time of the coup there was very little to see that anything had changed. I’m not advocating military coups, but I can tell you that over the last few months we have seen far less criminal activity than we ever have. So as far as I’m concerned its been no bad thing. And besides until there are enough new candidates selected to represent the people in an honest way in the parliament we are definitely better off the way it is.
    Before anyone replies to this post, I want you to think… Do I actually know anything about what’s going on there? Or am I just regurgitating the crap I’ve read in the media?

  • Jeff Berwick says military take overs in Thailand are generally a big party.

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