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Testing negative for Ebola is meaningless; the virus is not detectable for up to six weeks

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

It’s too bad that many of the people debating the Ebola quarantine issue don’t know anything about virology. So far, the focus on New York’s reversal of its Ebola quarantine rule has centered on a single repeated claim: “The nurse tested NEGATIVE for Ebola!” Therefore she should be released, the logic goes.

Unfortunately, Ebola doesn’t work that way. A person who is carrying Ebola and replicating Ebola inside their own blood will test negative for Ebola for up to six weeks. The test won’t show a positive result until the virus has replicated to a sufficient quantity to be detectable.

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2 comments to Testing negative for Ebola is meaningless; the virus is not detectable for up to six weeks

  • EBOLA TO OBAMA: Nina Pham Ebola Hoax Exposed!

    And who knew that RPR could do a very convincing Obama impersonation! Hahahahaha…. although, the subject matter makes me sick to my stomach. No fever though — no need to call the quarantine squad. Oh wait….

    Alert! CDC Removes FEVER from Ebola Case Definition & Adds Fatigue As A Symptom
    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    The CDC’s new Ebola case definition greatly increase the category of persons who may be forcefully quarantined to anyone who was in proximity of an Ebola case even if the Ebola victim was not actively showing symptoms at the time of proximity.

  • Velikovsky

    Seems as if his rhetoric/propaganda is dying down somewhat – now that it appears almost certain that Obola is indeed a PSYOP (something I thought from the beginning). He and Alex Jonestein have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar again, selling fear and products to an intentionally misinformed public. And it’s the criminal government that is supposed to be guilty of pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes … apparently NOT!

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