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SILVER SQUELCHERS & And Their Interesting Associates [PART 3]

by Charles Savoie, via SRS Rocco Report:

We all know that the end of COMEX price rat-holing of gold and especially silver has a more limited life now than ever before. Have you wondered what will be the response of the President and Treasury Secretary might be? In the last century we’ve seen the price of silver set by Presidential executive order 6814, with the Silver Purchase Act of summer 1934 as the excuse—we’ve seen battles in Congress over setting the price of silver at various rates making mining shareholders starvation victims—64.64 cents per ounce—71.11 cents per ounce—90.5 to 91 cents per ounce—the “monetary” price of $1.2929 per ounce defended—finally, silver coins ended and silver certs cancelled—and again, a Federal price cap of $1.61 per ounce in the Nixon (Pilgrims Society) administration.

The best reason these conspirators could trot out for seizing (nationalizing) silver a second time is “the military has to have silver, we’re at war with Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Russia” (et al). Newscasters won’t have ANYTHING to say about the former 165 million ounce strategic silver stockpile being drained primarily for price suppression. It was not established to go for anything but defense!

SILVER SQUELCHERS & And Their Interesting Associates [PART 3]

by Charles Savoie,

In this episode we’ll have a look at another group of 15 members of The Pilgrims Society from the 1924 roster as we progress across this groups concealed history towards the present. Naturally these same 15 men also appeared in rosters before and afterwards, but they’ll serve as a representation of the 1924 list. These are the worthy gentlemen who have been opposing free markets and using government power to bankrupt their competitors.

As you read this series on the Silver Squelchers, bear in mind this organization is still on the scene, and remains the last major globalist group in the world still refusing to post rosters visibly in the public domain. Why do they refuse release of rosters? The most defensible postulate is—they are the management of the other globalist groups—this single organization is the wellspring of the problems of warfare, monetary subversion, export of manufacturing jobs, pharmaceutical attacks on the public, genetically modified foods, loss of privacy and civil liberties, loss of parental control over children, refusal to seal the Southern border with Mexico, and much more.

This organization reminds me of Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” movie in two ways. First, it’s sponsored by the British Royal family (“Crown”) and second, in that 1995 movie the King’s tactics of forming alliances with leaders of powerful factions was well highlighted. This method is still at the “centre” (to use British spelling) of The Pilgrims Society today—it’s an alliance of very influential people representing major dynastic families all working together for a common purpose—harming the world in many ways to their benefit.

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3 comments to SILVER SQUELCHERS & And Their Interesting Associates [PART 3]

  • glitter 1

    Charles Savoie’s work here is most all you need to read and understand why the CEO’s of the miners do not utter one complaint against the suppression of their commodity.The membership of this clandestine group own/control through overt/covert interlocking modes.There is no longer any other plausible explaination required.They will not allow an advance in price/value until it is totally benefical to them and not until or before.

    • Ed_B

      “They will not allow an advance in price/value until it is totally benefical to them and not until or before.”

      Which seems perfectly reasonable that they would look out for themselves first. So, when they start stacking we will know that they are ready to bring silver prices to new highs? Or will Asians buy up huge amounts of silver before they are ready? Seems as if either could occur.

  • andrew james

    They the Pilgrims won’t post any rosters but when shtf that will mean that we will all have to make educated guesses about it.

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