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SILVER MYTHS SMASHED: The Most Commonly Spoken Silver Lie Today

Wicked Men Hate Truth

from The Wealth Watchman:

Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

The powerful quote above is most often attributed to Dr. Ron Paul. Though I’ve never seen this attribution verified beyond any doubt, it is fitting that he should be credited with it, even if he wasn’t the first to say it.

My brothers, we live in an age of ulterior motives, agendas, and untruths. It’s undeniable. If you don’t believe me, then consider this: How many sources do you trust to give you the full, unvarnished run-down on the matters that are really important to you? The things you feel you cannot go without knowing in this world…who do you turn to, for an analysis which you’d consider completely selfless and trustworthy?

Do you turn on the TV?  Is that where you find truth?

Do you listen to your elected officials? (Dear God, I certainly hope not!)

Do you read the newspaper, or turn on the radio?

Do you hop online, to check out Fox News, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, MSN, or Huffpo?

Chances are, you probably rolled your eyes or chuckled when I mentioned every last one of those sources of information.

It’s not surprising.  Everywhere you turn, you’re barraged with lies.

Understandably, and unfortunately, it’s made our generation a bit cynical.

Why do we live in such a time as this, where lies are “truth”, and real truths are unspeakable?

I submit it’s because, we live in an empire of lies.  The financial and monetary system that benefits a select few at the top, goes marching on, seeking to pilfer and subdue others, so that the pyramid of debt can grow ever taller, upon the backs of billions of lives.


Yet, Truth always stands in the way of that agenda, doesn’t it?

Truth empowers people, it gives organic confidence and faith in things that are wholesome and real. It restores lives and livelihoods.  It gives sovereignty and integrity back to communities.  It lifts us up, and shines a pure light that scatters the vampires, the morlocks, and the werewolves in our world.

Real truth has the power to give you your life back, and render besetting evils impotent.

“Great Watchman, so you like truth!  So what exactly does this have to do with silver?”  

Oh, friend, do you not see?

Silver is one of the most powerful truths God has given us.

Silver is a siren, shrieking out to warn the masses of the crimes perpetrated against them.

Silver shields you against financial fraud and malevolence.

Silver inoculates its owners against the disease of inflationary central banking.

Silver’s blood(from these price smashes) cries out from the very ground, to indict the London, and Wall Street marauders.

Silver, and those who own it, stand as a great Judge, pointing ten million fingers at the perpetrators of HFT spoofing fraud, of bank bailouts, of wars of empire, of political profligacy, of LIBOR scandals, of drug-laundering, and myriad other crimes, saying:

You are Guilty!



Silver is one of the most potent truths in our world, and is therefore considered anathema to the global elites. Simply put, the financial elites hate silver, because they hate truth itself.

If truth be treason, then silver’s very existence is a high form of eternal treason.

So, whaddaya say, brothers!  Ready to commit some silver treason against these globalists with me?!

Excellent!  So, let’s have some fun, as we take a hammer to some of the most goofy silver lies in our time.

By the way, if you’re one of the proud Shield Brothers who are charging headlong into the gates of hell, by buying even more silver, as the HFT carpet bombings continue to be carried out all around you, then brother:

I salute you!

Still, our brave schiltron will be continually pelted by lies to steal their confidence, and slow their momentum. I intend to go through some of these lies systematically, and puncture their tires, so that you can continue going from strength to strength.

The Most Common Silver Lie Today

Perhaps you’ve read or heard it stated in a forum, perhaps you’ve read it in a YouTube comments section, or maybe you heard it from just a random stranger.

The exchange goes something like this:

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13 comments to SILVER MYTHS SMASHED: The Most Commonly Spoken Silver Lie Today

  • Frank Zak

    In about 10 years the fog will clear from
    your eyes.

    The fog of greed.

  • Frank Zak

    The FEDS balance sheet shows that money printing is turning
    back to the USA.

    Why ? The FED pays us back the interest it collects.

    End the FED has already begun. We are printing free money now
    every time the FED buys our debt.

    We increase the money supply at no interest.

    • JC

      Uh, what about the interest paid to the Fed by the mere existence of this money? You’re speaking of interest on the debt the Fed has purchased from the Treasury at auction or elsewhere, but what about the interest paid to FED shareholders via the creation of this currency in the first place? That has not gone away. The FED will only end if the people either educate themselves and withdraw their consent, or if the shareholders transfer their interests into a new mouse trap such as SDRs via the IMF. In other words, the game will go on globally until the people wake up and withdraw their support.

      By the way, I work in real estate finance and I can speak first hand to how absurd that market is getting. I know you believe real estate is the place to put your money, but at this point you are chasing prices (particularly in urban markets) that are reaching beyond the nonsense of the last cycle. It’s very easy to raise money right now, which means too many dollars chasing too few assets. Getting ready for another collapse.

      • glitter 1

        Thank You for strightening out the resident Troll.
        Oh,and only Gold is Money,too.”Silver is greed”,yeah we’ll leave that for another time.

        • Ed_B

          “Thank You for strightening out the resident Troll.”

          Amen to that! lol

          “Oh,and only Gold is Money,too.”Silver is greed”,yeah we’ll leave that for another time.”

          Yeah, right. On behalf of everyone in their 60s, we KNOW that silver was once money because we actually used it as such. Never used any gold for money, though. Still, both silver and gold have a multi-millennial time frame in which they both served as money in many nations. Those countries that kept to honest weights and measures in their money have a long and storied history. Those that did not fell upon the ash heap of history, as is entirely appropriate. What really gets to me sometimes is that this information is well known and easy to find for anyone who cares to look, yet so many simply do not bother. It was not until the paper money / debt scam came along in the early 20th century that the US got away from honest money and just look at the result of that! The financial history of the US since then is a reflection of the black hearts of the unscrupulous. We have yet to suffer the ultimate collapse of this system but we will. It is both unstable and unsustainable. That it will collapse is inevitable. When is an entirely different and much more difficult question.

  • The Truth

    Is it not amazing we had a man called Donald STERLING being investigated by another man named “Adam” SILVER? Hmm Right after that we get all kinds of news about whatever you want to know. But the most important news was the “NEW SILVER FIX”. LOL! They sure FIXED the price of silver to continue in one direction only. But never fear the REAL things, for even if you don’t last, the real things shall remain!

    • Ed_B

      A lot of the discussion about the new vs. the old silver fix really misses the mark, IMO. A much better and more basic question would be, “Why do gold and silver prices NEED ‘fixing’?”. Are they broken? Why can they not be adjusted continuously via competitive bidding as are the prices of various stocks? The prices for all other goods and services are not supposed to be “fixed”, although it is becoming clear that many of them are. People have gone to jail for energy price fixing, yet those who fix the prices of gold and silver seem to have no legal problems whatever. Having their very own personal Get Out of Jail Free card seems to work well for them. Too bad, that.

  • Gerald

    I went to one of the prominent miners website and found this information.Please take note of mining cost for silver.

    In 2013, Hecla’s Greens Creek mine produced 7.4 million ounces of silver at an average cash cost per ounce of $4.42(1). Hecla currently produces silver from two silver mines, Greens Creek and Lucky Friday. The Lucky Friday mine resumed operations and production in early 2013 and produced 1.5 million ounces of silver. In June 2013, Hecla’s acquisition of Aurizon Mines Ltd., brought Hecla the Casa Berardi gold mine located in Quebec, Canada, which produced 62,532 ounces of gold during the last seven months of 2013.

    (year ended December 31)
    Silver Ounce Production:
    (in thousands):
    2010 2011 2012 2013

    Greens Creek Unit 7,207 6,498 6,394 7,448

    Lucky Friday Unit (2) 3,359 2,985 – – 1,459

    Total silver ounces 10,566 9,483 6,394 8,907

    Gold Ounce Production:

    Greens Creek Unit 68,838 56,818 55,496 57,457

    Casa Berardi Unit(3) – – – – – – 62,532

    Total gold ounces 68,838 56,818 55,496 119,989

    Could this be a reason for silver to decline? Just asking.

    • The Truth

      Check who owns the majority of the company and how they are financed then you will see through the propaganda. I believe these numbers to be a shell game just like the entire PONZI

    • @Gerald,
      Since this article is related to ‘Silver Myths’ and you are highlighting another Silver Myth: “Low Cash Costs”; I suggest you dig slightly deeper than Hecla’s press release.

      See the note(1) relating to non-GAAP accounting:
      “(1) Includes by-product credits from gold, lead and zinc production”

      Greens Creek is a world-class polymetallic mine which produced approx 60k ounces of gold and approx 85,000 tons of Zinc and Lead in 2013. So, this mine generated approx $250 million in non-silver revenue to credit against approx $120 million revenue in silver. Using this mine to consider a ‘low cash cost’ of silver argument is a trick of accounting. Since Hecla presents itself to investors as a “Silver” miner; all the profit from the ‘credits’ lowers the ‘cash cost’ of silver.

      I am not saying a Silver miner is breaking any laws by advertising a ‘low cash cost’; just that most of these polymetallic deposits are not silver mines at all, and could not exist as silver producing mines without fully subsidized ‘credits’ from other metals. There are only a hand full of ‘Greens Creek’ style deposits known in the world today.

      First Majestic is a primary Silver producer, with approx 90% of revenues from silver. They are also one of the most efficient and professionally run, with excellent properties. They are barely breaking even with serious capital project curtailment and economizing of their mine plans at $20 silver.

      To break away from the specifics; there is approx 20 Billion ounces of Silver Reserves known to man in the world today; most of which is marginally economic to mine as a primary metal. This explains why approx 70% of annual Silver production is coming from base metal mines; many of which are mature and/or reaching depletion. Putting a new Silver deposit into production anywhere in the world is a decade long project costing many $100’s of millions or even $Billions to reach production.
      There is simply no way to sustain the current or future fundamental market demands for Silver at anywhere near today’s prices.
      Lastly, consider the ‘HUGE’ retail silver demand of approx 380 Million Silver Eagles since 1986. That is only ONE ounce of Silver per capita in the USA; lol.
      When the current fiat Ponzi unravels and even a few % of the ,masses try to exit the USD, Yen, Euro, Pound paper casinos; the TINY silver market is going to explode.

      • Gerald

        Thanks for the clarification.

      • glitter 1

        You’ve got it exactly correct.I may not live long enough to see it come to pass,a continually diminishing/depleting, absolute critical element reaching a value equal to/greater than gold.It has to happen,it will happen.
        “Gold will preserve your wealth,Silver will make you wealthy.” – Ted Butler & Izzy Friedman

  • FirstExile

    Excellent summary and praise for the kudos to stackers who stick to their conviction.

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