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SILVER MYTHS SMASHED, Part 3: The Silliest Question You Could Possibly Ask about Silver

So Many Myths, So Little Time

from The Wealth Watchman:

Do ya wanna know the hardest part of about writing a “Silver myth-Smashing series”? It certainly hasn’t been figuring out how to dispense with the lies, that’s for sure! Silver lies are all brittle eggshells, just begging to be stomped on!

No, the most difficult part is actually choosing which lie to crack open next! There are just so many of these chuckle-inducing myths, that it feels like being a little kid in a toy store. Do I take home the train set or the Batcave? No no, wait! This! A thousand times this!

Great job, kiddo!  You’ll be carving up all those silver lies, like delicious Thanksgiving turkeys, in no time!

Valuable life lesson: it doesn’t matter what the problem was, as the light saber is usually the solution(rock on, little shield brother!).

Just like the Truth, come to think of it!  No matter what the problem is, truth stands ever-ready to bridge the gap.

The evil in our world can plot and scheme all they like.  Most of the time, there’s not much you can do about it.  They’re just gonna do what they do, and that’s how it is.

But, most folks forget the other part of the equation: that those men cannot keep all of you from doing your thing!  That’s a fact.  

They can’t stop you from spreading truths like hundreds of contagious brush-fires.  

They can’t  stop you from peeling back all their lies, which took them so many years to construct.

They can’t stop you from thinking for yourself, or for distrusting everything that proceeds from their political and media mouth-pieces.

Most importantly, though, they can’t stop you from buying real, honest-to-goodness, silver!

Don’t concentrate on their power, concentrate on yours.  You may think you’re powerless, but you’re the furthest thing from powerless that you can imagine.

Again, turn their crimes against them, and make gravity your ally.  Use your great resolve to stick to your guns.  If that little devil on your shoulder appears to you, and asks if you’re really making the right decision, just send the little guy on a mission to renew your driver’s license at the DMV.  That oughta keep him busy for awhile!

Another Silver Myth

Silver warriors, ya know that mechanism deep inside of you, that all-important filter, if you will, which keeps your most private thoughts…..private?  That marvelous fishnet which scoops up the worst musings within all of us, and provides us the great security of capturing and killing those thoughts before they can ever, ever escape from our mouths into wide, open spaces?

Ahh, it’s wonderful isn’t it?

The very thing which keeps us all from going up to a strange woman, and asking:

“Excuse me, but I was just curious, how much do you weigh?”

Or“Why would you do that to your hair?”

Or: “What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?”

Seriously, dude, it’s probably being questioned by you.

Yes, we all know those questions are a bad idea, and yet so many people still ask those same types of questions about silver.

Don’t believe me?  I’m about to prove it to you with a question so terrible, it’s scarcely to be believed.

In fact, it is so cringe-worthy, that I almost hesitate to type it out…

But. I. Must.

Ok, silver trolls, you owe me big time.  This public service announcement goes out to all those ‘special’ people who sadly turned that inner filter off, a long time ago.

Alright, focus Watchman.  You can do this!  Whew….

Here goes…

“Man, with the Dow starting to trade like a penny stock, and Europe’s economies being sucked into a black hole, I’m simply gonna increase my silver-buying here at sub $18 prices!”

“Watchman, sometimes I just don’t get you at all.  What’s with all the silver-buying? I mean, what good is silver…”


“If you can’t eat it?” 

Sad puppies

I mean, wha…

I don’t even….

How do they…


The Watchman isn’t often rendered speechless, but a question like this, will do it nearly every time.  I can’t believe any silver stacker has even had to address something so…infantile.  Yet we have! In fact, inexplicably, some of us have had to deal with this grey-cell-numbing question numerous times.

I’ve finally had enough of it!  As hard as it is, this one must be put to sleep, so let’s help that puppy get through his “Swamp of Sadness”, and just get this over with.

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28 comments to SILVER MYTHS SMASHED, Part 3: The Silliest Question You Could Possibly Ask about Silver

  • Jeff

    Not trying to hijack your WW piece here SGT but can we get a Ebola myth smashed thread going? This could be the biggest hoax of all times. I’m not saying it is but so many YT clips pointing out the ridiculous MSM cover pieces that are so clearly contrived and staged, I’m starting to think this whole thing is a total psy-op. And if it is, have they finally “gone too far”? What happened to Living on Planet Z’s YT channel. Gone! Soon you’ll be able to get a degree in “Crises Acting”.

  • Angel

    Beside the usual troll making the “If you can’t eat it” remark, there’s also the mistaken belief amongst some who call themselves preppers that those who acquire PMs are not interested in or capable of any other form of prepping. In actuality, it’s THEY who are not interested in the metals.

    A knowledgeable and well-rounded prepper will most definitely include PMs in their prepping program, so when that “rainy day” does come (God forbid), they will have all the bases covered. Can we say the same for those who exclude PMs from their prepping routine? No, and once they find that out the hard way, you better hope they don’t know where you put your stash.

    And for the record, WW, my very first care WAS a Malibu (’71). And I DID (nearly) eat it when I smacked head first into a tree two weeks after buying it. Your comment brought back some memories!

    • Ed_B

      I have to agree that the “you can’t eat it” argument against something that is so worthwhile is about as specious as arguments get. Just think of ALL of the other things in our lives that are incredibly useful AND completely inedible! Tools, lamps and flashlights, clothing, boots, safety gear, gloves, parachord, tarps, meds, comms, vehicles, building materials, solar energy installations, guns and ammo, and MUCH else. We should ask the “but you can’t eat it” crowd what they would have if ALL they had were edible items? We need to point out that they would be sitting bare-a$$ in the dirt, in the dark, freezing, and unprotected. Does that sound like a recipe for success? Not to any of us who are AAA (Awake And Aware).

      • Angel

        Which is why we better hope our fellow preppers who turn a blind eye to PMs don’t ever find out where we “buried” our loot.

        They’re libel to be out there bare-assed, digging around for that “worthless piece of metal”. But I suppose this is why some of us also stack AMMO!

    • Aw, brother, that’s a sad, sad tale about that Malibu!

    • Eric

      No but I could sell my stack and eat out every meal for the rest of my life, or clear out a few grocery stores. But that’s kind of being a pig.

      I stack for one reason alone at this point. To keep my wealth local and screw the banks.

      • Angel

        Absolutely. And also to PRESERVE my wealth.

        • Eric

          Indeed Angel.

          As Silverfish VT has said, as his stack grows, so does his patience.

          At this point, I worry about so little. I have concerns of course, but I rest much easier these days because I panicked early and prepared the best I could for multiple worst case scenarios.

          Coming to SGTreport, has helped me quickly gain knowledge and solutions from many many others as well as the rest of you guys.

          Eating out is always a treat, but I don’t really sweat whether or not I can afford to or not at this point. I don’t think, “oh no, If I go to my favorite restaurant, I won’t be able to afford to acquire more silver.”

          You gotta live your life. Just prepare a little or a lot and don’t sweat the small stuff.

          Occupy Peace!

  • Paul Prichard

    Antiviral Properties of Silver Nanoparticles on a Magnetic Hybrid Colloid

  • WW…You are a welcome addition to the independent media….awake and aware community. Refreshing stuff…as this is getting a bit bogged down and old for many of us who have been hammered for the past 3 years.

    • June, thanks for your kind words. The enemy’s plan has been gruesome, our best defense is an aggressive offense.

      We must charge valiantly into battle, with as much gleam in our eyes, as if we were heading off to our wedding.

      We must all screw our courage to the sticking place. Only that sort of fortitude will carry the day.

      Stackers have it, I’m just trying to rekindle the embers, that’s all.

      Be vigilant, and go on the offensive.

    • Ed_B

      We’ve been hammered? How so? I don’t feel hammered. In fact, I have been enjoying the heck out of the low PM prices and the stock market comeback since March 2009. Both seem to have about run their course for a while, though, so it may be time to batten down the hatches.

      If by hammered, you refer to all of the Fed / Media / US Gov baloney that has been in circulation, well, you have me there, as it HAS been ratcheted up considerably in the last couple of years. But this is not really a problem. Many of us were expecting this. When an old system dies, it very often resembles a great beast in its death throes with all manner of flailing about, kicking, clawing, biting, and tail-lashing. That pretty much sums up what we have been seeing, doesn’t it? The trick to handling this is to remain skeptical, keep our wits about us, and stay well back of all of these death throe activities. Proper prior planning prevents pi$$-poor performance, as they say. 🙂

  • long john silver

    Jim Rogers in a recent interview said that he is not buying Gold at the current price, waiting for under $1000.00. Harvey Organ did say that by year end expect prices like $10,000 Gold, he did also say that they will beat them up more, so just maybe 980 is in the cards. I will be buying myself, thank you banksters.

    • Ed_B

      Jim Rogers is a very knowledgeable fellow but also a very slippery one, IMO. I suppose that we all have our view on metals prices but, IMO, any gold price under $1400 or silver price below $24 is a real gift. Any time one can buy a valuable asset at close to or below its production cost is a good time to buy that asset. We don’t need to be buying any asset at its exact market bottom or sell it at its exact market top to do very well with it. Forget the first and last 20% of any market rise or fall and concentrate on that big juicy 60% slab in the middle. 🙂

  • andrew james

    Silver can’t be eaten. That was the lie circulated when Nixon closed the Gold window. Removing Gold Silver and copper from the money supply allowed the FED to print FRN’s to infinity. We all know that now.

    • Ed_B

      Quite a few of us knew it then but could not affect what was happening in the slightest. The removal of silver from money was a big deal to many people who saw it for what it was. This is why the silver money disappeared from circulation so quickly… people scooped it up and saved it. They didn’t want to spend it for common everyday items as we always had. It was worth more than that.

  • The Truth

    Silver cannot be eaten? I take colloidal silver for many things. I also see copper and tin in my multivitamin. I somehow do not see gold though, but that does not mean we should not own it. Well one thing I do know is there are over 3000 bacteria found on fiat currency but not one found on my silver stack. I rather have clean money than shitty paper.

    To all the pm stackerz and writers in the Silver Militia, I salute you all for encouraging the converting of fake money for real ones. No one said the fight would be easy, but we still have to hold the fort and we will raise the silver flag in victory! It does not matter what the fiat price of the gold or silver is now, for Fiat is the end and gold and silver are the beginning. As it was from the beginning of times!


  • Kim

    “You can’t eat it” but you sure as heck can buy a LOT OF FOOD with it! Very simple (like me), but very true. Our time is close at hand and I thank God for the wisdom to know that gold and silver is His money, always has been.

  • Readyman

    One Bix Weir is enough. Give it a rest already and lay off the caffeine. Are you doing any kind of uppers?
    Guns, ammo, food, water, meds, shelter etc. You’re being dominated by the international globalist, banking cartel.
    Ain’t over till the say it is.

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