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from AltInvestorshangout:

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2 comments to SILVER EMOTIONS

  • matt get what you give..If you want to dis someone like Peter you better have some solid ground to stand on to point your finger or your just blowing wind out your ass….Show us what YOU have done in a positive manner and been right about instead of attacking others credibility

    offer something constructive cause being a critic is the easiest thing to be in this world!

    good luck!

  • Scott

    I think we are all getting edgy. In a society where we demand instant gratification riding this out for 10 years or more can seem like hell. We’ve all heard the famous quote from Kyle Bass…..”when it gets serious you have to lie”. You don’t know who to believe anymore, everybody seems to lie and has a self serving agenda. Yes, it makes perfect sense to own some PM as an insurance policy but this day to day prediction bullshit is just that. Bullshit. It could fall apart next year or in 75 years. Stop listening to the daily bullshit.

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