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Silver and Gold, Buy What the Wealthy Will Want to Buy

from silverfish VT·:

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5 comments to Silver and Gold, Buy What the Wealthy Will Want to Buy

  • Frank Zak

    The wealthy will want gold. They are too smart
    to listen to silver gurus.

    Suckers= Silver

  • Steve_D

    Suckers = those without silver at these prices.

  • Angel

    Whether you’re a believer in silver or not, how can anyone not appreciate this guy’s passion for his hobby?

    There’s a numismatic side to all of this as well, which is what opened the door for me. Yet some insist upon being a stick in the mud with their anti-silver sentiment that they completely miss the joy that this hobby brings people.

  • glitter 1

    Since 2000,silver is up ~300+%,even with the sell-off.The S&P/Dow since 2000 are up ~ 78% & 67% respectively.Yeah,Silver is for Suckers!

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