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SHE CAN RUN BUT SHE CAN’T HIDE: Lois Lerner Tries Busting Into NEIGHBOR’S House to Avoid THE TOUGH Questions — And THEY Don’t Like Her Either!

from Jason Mattera:

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52 comments to SHE CAN RUN BUT SHE CAN’T HIDE: Lois Lerner Tries Busting Into NEIGHBOR’S House to Avoid THE TOUGH Questions — And THEY Don’t Like Her Either!

  • Jason Kallen

    I hope this becomes your #1 video!!!!

  • Jason Kallen

    I hope this becomes your #1 video!!!!

    Now that is some great journalism I wish anyone in the lamestrem media had even a shred of these balls
    I love the fact that her neighbors hate her too,

  • xman

    Wow, lost her mind.

  • jerry

    Im a new fan …….for life!!!!

  • Mark

    OUT……….FUCKING………..STANDING !!!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    I feel bad for the dogs. They have to live with her.

  • Bujja

    Outstanding SGT!!!!

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    He should have remained her that what she did is illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONNAL.

  • Bob A

    wish there was a way to ‘like’ a video right on the main page of where all your content shows up. You’d have a million likes by now. 🙂

  • Jacobson

    Good job !
    I don’t know who she is but what the guy did to her is very useful tool here in Israel – small country so no one can escape .
    I did it myself to israeli politicians , chased ’em with hard questions .


    THERE IS NOTHING HERE! We still have Obama,Holder,and no one is in jail!
    Ms. Lerner is in a fine house, with a fine neigborhood (?), 100k pension,
    fine dogs! The laugh is all on us (U.S.) May she rot in Hades, along with the rest.
    Sorry Boyz……BIGGER FISH TO FRY!!!

    • matt

      Cajun..She might be in a ‘fine’ house but is she in a ‘fine’ space?? I think not..I don’t care how big the bank account is or house if you are not in a good space in your own skin it don’t mean sh!T!! Remember when markets crash is it bankers who jump out of windows..Not the real economy drivers who get up each day and do an honest days work..tey just get back to work…I could live in a tent as long as I can get up and be able to look at myself in the mirror and say yes…I have good morals and ethics and treat myself with the same level of respect as I do the world and others in it..People like this ‘thing’ are cooking in their own skin..and NO money can put that fire out!

      • matt

        and to add…I would not trade my very simple, humble existance for Obamas or Holders, in a million years NOT!

        • NIX

          And you should see what happened to minions and trolls at The end THEIR MASTERS IN HISTORY ALWAYS TURN ON THEM ” SELLING YOUR SOUL IS A ONE WAY TICKET!”

        • Greg

          Couldn’t agree more, we are spiritual beings with a higher purpose. Integrity, honour, morality, caring for your fellow man thats what its all about and what leads to durable fulfilment and dying in peace when your time on this earth is at an end.

          Is any wonder our modern narcissistic western way of life causes so much stress and sickness to people, yet they can’t figure out why?

          • matt

            Indeed Greg…But in their core they can feel there is a space that materialism just doesn’t seem to fill… I have relatives with millions and can’t work out why their yachts and sports cars won’t buy them happiness in their relationships..Our society has become morally bankrupt thus is current of luck!

            • Greg

              And best of luck to you also matt!

              It only takes a small flicker to bring light to what may seem a very a dark room. So keep shining buddy 🙂

          • Desert Fox

            Spot on.
            “Oh, poor Lois”
            “Having a tough day?”
            “Looking for a little reprieve, a little mercy?”
            Fresh out, Bee-atch.
            How easy to direct or order your troops to destroy someone’s life. Harass them mercilessly all from the comfort of your office. For what? A State dinner with Michelle?
            These people aren’t really human.
            Her parents must be so proud,,,,,,, or was that her parent’s house? lol
            Well done!

        • Ed_B

          Indeed not, Matt. Something about, “What profits a man if he should gain the whole world but lose his immortal soul?”.

  • dana

    Now if these folks would chase after the men … two apparently young, healthy men ambushing a guilty middle age woman while out, exposed and alone is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Not that she doesn’t deserve it but really – they need to step up their game and stop going for the low hanging fruit.

    • Sam

      Hey Lois, you need to go to hell from whence you came and let the door (the neighbors door) hit you on the way 🙂

    • jerry

      DANA watch a few of this guys videos hes gone after much bigger fish and been attacked by them. You need to stop posting drivel when you don’t have a clue. Go tune in to your MSNBC if this don’t suit you fancy. As you can see your comments way off base on this thread.

  • Warp

    For DC metro, 100k/yr really isn’t very much, definitely not enough for a neighborhood like that. Ask what the spouse does or did.

  • Howard Roark

    The IRS is a terrorist organization if there ever was one, is only the tip of the Communist spear. Don’t think Congress really wants to stop the Lois Lerners. She’s only one of thousands of liberal zombies just waiting to rip at your flesh and feast over your dead body.

    The Apostles warned us. John said, “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ. He is antichrist that denieth the father and the son.”

    Shulman, Wilson, Lerner, Lew—Jews all. Antichrists all. Don’t take my word for it. The Apostle John said it, and I believe him.

  • Sam

    Chase these freaks further…out of the country entirely !!!

    BRAVO 🙂

  • NIX


    • Sam

      NIX, exactly!

      One by one until the the horde of traitorous freaks run for their lives leaving a clear path for future freaks of their ilk 🙂

  • Sayldog

    I love the old guy’s response “I don’t want her in my house!”

  • John

    That 4 minutes was outstanding!


  • Warp

    Honestly, I’d advocate forgiveness in the public space, but this is what happens when the court process is perceived as being unjust and stacked against the people in favor of the apparatchiks. There’s a reason for needing to have a just court, and this is it. She should have her proper day in court and face the truth so she can move on. This will probably never happen. Instead, the fedgov will find the funds to support a 24-hour secret service detail for the good apparatchiks that do the bidding of those in power, until those in power are gone.

  • rico

    Excellent work! Keep up the full court press against this witch. Send her a couple of brooms, which she can ride around her neighborhood in three and a half weeks. She should be pounding the rock pile for the rest of her days. What a DESPICABLE excuse for a human being.

  • Sheryl Anne

    This was awesome – cowards can never take even a small percentage of what they
    dish out!!!! We need more of this stuff!!!

  • Mike F.

    This political hack crap has to stop and the Govt. employees need to know that they work for the People and not their political party’s and WE WILL MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE for the actions. This bitch should go to jail for her crimes and everyone under her that knowingly followed illegal actions should also be held accountable for not reporting what this POS Lerner did. They all are responsible!!

  • matt

    Authoritarianism is intrinsically insecure and therefore has to insist on agreement with it’s belief systems…t is the antithesis of true freedom.

    • Ed_B

      That same logic also applies rather neatly to some of the major religions out there.

      • matt

        ‘Authoritarianism’ is just that whether it’s a religious nuts, Psychopathic , power hungry Politicians, Ego maniac band ‘leaders’ or even the headmaster of an elementary school who’s intetions are not in the students best interest!…

  • Angel

    If this is any indication of what’s to come in these tumultuous times, then anyone who is on-board with the government agenda (whether it be government employees, media figures, banksters, a corporate CEO, an MSM media personality, etc) will be at risk of being stalked and hunted down. And it won’t be by some harmless reporter, it will be by hordes of outraged mobs looking for retribution.

    Anyone who hasn’t escaped refuge in their underground bunker will be at risk of much worse than what Lerner received, but this will only happen after a sufficient number of sheeple wake up to the reality of what’s been done to them while they were entrenched in Monday night Football and reality t.v. on the idiot box.

    And this outrage won’t only be confined to the US.

  • knowtoomuch

    @Jacobson : So WHAT were ‘your questions on Israeli politicians’ all about ?

    Give us some exemples, please.

    And at least TRY to be honest.

    Were they perhaps about the never existing gas chambers, my kosher darling ?


  • Hondo Stalwart

    She being one of the Staatssicherheitsdienst, a repressive regime and likely the most hated institution in the US. I wonder just how many people they will violate.

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