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Secret Pacific Aerosols Continue California Drought

from The HAARP Report:

10 22 14: Weather control aerosols were sprayed, out in the Pacific, to continue the California drought, and to keep the jetstream flat for the next 48 hours. These aerosols were sprayed in two small “postage stamp” patches, at daybreak, to keep them hidden. By evening, they were off the coast of California, and had created a hot air layer, preventing any low pressure from building in the Pacific. This hot air layer, or “capping inversion”, prevents any storms from forming over California. The humidity maps show there is a layer of very humid air passing over California, and Nevada, but there is no storm energy, to make it fall as rain.
PLEASE, if you live in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Portland, or Tucson, you need to contact your city, to find out what kind of Chicago Mercantile Exchange ( weather futures, options, or weather derivatives, your city has purchased. The premiums your city has paid, are what makes your state a target for the weather controllers. That is only ONE way the weather profiteers can make millions of dollars, by running the Haarp and Chemtrail programs. These people are criminals, and must be found, arrested, and put on trial for the VARIETY of crimes they are committing.
The black bears are dying in Nevada, from lack of water, and food. Now is the time of year they need to be packing on fat, to survive the winter, but there is no food for them, because of the terrible, man made drought. We owe it to the bears, to fight these weather controllers, with all available means.
Please join Dane, at, to help stop these illegal, and immoral weather control programs. Error: I mistakenly said “October 27”, when I meant “October 22”.

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2 comments to Secret Pacific Aerosols Continue California Drought

  • JeffG

    Crazy, I actually took picture yesterday in Santa Cruz, because the areosols were so bad. Then I see this article and it just confirms what I saw. I mean it was crazy how much they sprayed that last two day..and it continues today..

  • JeffG

    This presentation is spot on for what I am seeing on the ground in SC, I get up quite early and the last two days I said man they must be spraying at night because the aerosols were already there.It’s funny(and sad) as I watched he was basically saying exactly what I saw the last two days and ongoing today.

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