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Second Dallas Patient Exhibiting Ebola Symptoms

from ZeroHedge:

Following the sad death of Thomas Duncan this morning, CBS is now reporting that a possible second case of Ebola has been discovered in a suburb of Dallas:


The patient claims to have had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, referred to as Dallas ‘patient zero’, and also confirmed travel to West Africa.

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5 comments to Second Dallas Patient Exhibiting Ebola Symptoms

  • Angel

    Turns out he’s a Dallas County Deputy who had previously entered Duncan’s “contaminated” apartment, but had no contact with Duncan himself.

  • Angel

    The person is a Dallas County Deputy who is said to have entered the “contaminated” home that Duncan was staying at, though he claims to not have had any contact with Duncan himself.

  • jeff

    All these ebola lies are giving me a headache. HOLY SHIT- I have symptoms of EBOLA!

  • Ed_B

    Ebola is a terrible and terrifying disease. The body literally disintegrates from the actions of the Ebola virus. This allows blood to leak from virtually any body orifice, organ, vein, artery, or capillary. In watching the anti-Ebola actions of the US Gov and the CDC, I feel as if I am watching an unsupervised child playing with daddy’s gun. You just know that it is not going to end well.

    I saw a map on the TV screen a couple of days ago that showed the countries in Africa that do not allow people to come into their countries from known Ebola-infected places. It was only up for a few seconds but looked like about 1/2 of the countries in Africa have travel bans in place for other countries having Ebola outbreaks. These people know Ebola and what it can do far better than we do. They have lived with it for decades, if not longer. If they can see the sense in a travel ban, why can’t the US Gov? Pride? Arrogance? A combo of these? Well, we all know what comes after pride… splat! The really nasty part of this is that those making these decisions in DC are unlikely to be the ones who suffer the consequences of their ill-conceived Ebola containment and treatment programs.

    There is no cure for Ebola. It can be fatal in up to 92% of those who become infected with it. We do have some anti-viral serums and other medications that can assist a relatively healthy person’s immune system to fight off Ebola but, like many other diseases, getting these meds to those who need them quickly offers the best chance of their recovery.

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