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S I L V E R – S M A S H E D !!

from TruthNeverTold:

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15 comments to S I L V E R – S M A S H E D !!

  • Frank Zak

    Silver is a metal extracted from copper, lead, zinc at no cost,
    because it must be taken out, even if silver is worth zero.

    The cost of fabrication is the only cost. Lets say $3 dollars. 75%
    of all silver is byproduct mined for zero dollars.

    Silver is like the crap from a goose. i lived through this in 1980
    ans saw silver go from 50 to 3.50. It seemed impossible to my
    generation and it will seem impossible to yours.

    Only gold is money…….. silver is greed.

    • Bob A

      The only arugement I have against that line of thought Frank is, the industrial uses seem to be increasing by the day. It consumes a lot of ounces. There is value…well, more value then zero dollars. The uses are a lot more than 1980, so I highly doubt, though anything is possible, and I’ll be making my bets accordingly, that 3 dollar silver is possible. We do have inflation. The price of fuel is a lot higher than the 1980. The cost of everything is higher, and this is a commodity too…so, I think your argument is flawed. I don’t think they’ll be any silver found in the world at 3 an ounce, quite frankly. If 4 million ounces were bought in a few days at 17…wait and see how much is purchased at 3…probably none, because they’ll be none avialable. Just say’n.

    • Scott

      Great….I’ve got 2000 oz of this crap at $30 and it’s going to $3.50. ?? Think I’ll get drunk now:(

      • Troy

        I dumped most of my silver in 2011 and 2012…after the plunge from $49 to the mid $30’s. I still have 420 ounces that I will not sell….thats my long term in case it ever goes to the moon, which I will then sell for land

    • Gnostic

      Frank, $Dollars are extracted from trees & their are many.

      PS- Real Estate is a scam you don’t even own your home, you are a “Tenant” & are only given permission to transfer the “Title” to a greater fool.

  • Bob A

    Smaaaaaash it more, more, more please. 15? how about 10. That would be perfect. And I’m glad I got out of all generic govt coins (eagles, harmonics, maples, etc…) over a year and half ago, and rolled most of it into kooks 1998 – 2008 & lunars and pandas. My dough has for the most part remained intact. I won’t invest in any round, as nice it may look. I’m sure the immediate hype will send the price higher, but over time, it goes, down, down, down. The only problem I have with the folks like Duane, Turk, Morgan, and the like, is they never say hold on to your cash, and wait for the 18, the downtrend is intact. There are folks who have been giving this warning moons ago, but they were drowned out by the permabulls. And paluzeeee don’t say, it is all abut dollar cost averaging. I’m sure the folks who bought a 1000 ounces of eagles at 49, would much rather have waited until 17.00 to purchase those same eagles. So, please don’t insult us with this drivel. Of course it would have been better to buy at 17 or wherever the low is, vs at 49…and there are many who have been badly burned by the pumptards out there…those who are a bit older in life, who also listened to these ‘seasoned pros,’ saying, buy, buy, buy. #notgood!!!

  • Dissolution

    Damn right Chris. I’ve been behind you, and I’ll continue to be behind you.

  • mike

    There will be zero supply disruption even with the record sales and low prices…A production bottle neck such as lack of Eagles is not a silver shortage. That might happen but there will be tons available even at 5 dollars an oz. No mines are closing even with record demand and below the cost of production? That could only mean one thing…The mines and retailers are lying about supply. Shanghai only 81 tons left then its all over..Or is it? I’ll bet it isnt. Not bashing the silver I do think the dollar is going down just saying there is obviously a lot more silver produced than reported. It also must cost virtually nothing to mine or you would have seen lots of mines out of business. Sorry but the numbers just do not add up as far as yearly production.

  • Harvey

    Smash. Think James Turk, the scumbag,24/7 promoter of a massively wrong investment.
    He has been a great Loser for many years! Wow, and people still interview him?

    How can Turk and “Mr Silver” Eric Sprott be given ANY respect?
    They have driven many clients and ‘believers’ into major personal financial catastrophes.

    Hey, maybe we NOW know why China is almot barren of stockpiled silver? A co-ordinated take down with the Chinese owning the LME now…?

    Gold is Money. Sorry, I lost on silver, too.

  • Gnostic

    I only disagree with Chris on his use of the term “Alloidial” That simply gives power to the king giving permission for ownership, I prefer sovereign silver.

  • Gnostic


    I feel your pain, I am unemployed & in the same boat, We stackers are idealists & want an honest money system based on our labor, Gold is money as long as The scumbags that be are in positions of power. They own the Gold. Even the Roman Empire Collapsed & so will this empire, what happens next is anybody’s guess,

    I hope to see a local community economy rise, We must always remember that as long as we have a democracy the filth will eventually always rise to the top & our cup overflows.

    Stay strong & steady………

  • Randy

    * smash turk’s claims, smash sprott’s claims!!!

    who approves these comments?, I had mine removed today…so WTF, I am 68 yrs old and have been in the markets for 38 advice seems unappreciated here…so…?

    R u politically correct? …or do you actually not understand what sprott and turk and willie have done with their idiot silver bullish ranting every year as investors get decimated…?

  • Randy

    sorry, I see u posted my comment earlier, but did not see it , so my apology. Thank you for all you do! U can delete my latest comment above: “smash turk’s claims…etc…”

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