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Reid Won’t Say If Americans Should Be Forcibly Barred From Asking Him Questions

by Lauretta Brown, CNS News:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) did not respond to repeated questions from about whether American citizens who try to ask him a question in the Capitol hallway should be physically barred from doing so by Capitol Police–as happened recently when reporter Jason Mattera introduced himself, shook Reid’s hand, and asked him a question about how he became a millionaire on a government salary. In several e-mails and telephone calls, asked Sen. Reid’s office the following question: “Does Sen. Reid think that Americans should in any way be barred or intimidated from asking questions of members of the Senate walking in public hallways in a Senate office building?”

Reid’s office never responded. Back on Sept. 16, a Capitol Hill police officer walking with Reid pushed Mattera into a wall, even though all Mattera did was ask Reid a question, which under the First Amendment of the Constitution any American has a right to do.

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2 comments to Reid Won’t Say If Americans Should Be Forcibly Barred From Asking Him Questions

  • tomche

    Let me just say that Harry Reid is a disgrace to all humanity.

  • C.I.

    So No Answer Questions Is Not Performing A Work Description As A Public Officer Or Contract For A Real Wage Paid By Some Form Or Employ.

    Fail Being Such Means That A Work Place Contract With An Employer Is Compremised.

    Reason For Dismissal.

    Will Never Happen Though I Bet Ya!


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