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Rand Paul: Ebola is “incredibly contagious”

from LoneWolf Sager:

Republican Senator Rand Paul was speaking at an even in New Hampshire when he said Ebola is “incredibly contagious.”

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6 comments to Rand Paul: Ebola is “incredibly contagious”

  • Paul and Cruz…… Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • Chuck

    Rand wants to be a presidential candidate. He will say anything to prove it.

  • Sayldog

    Rand is a practicing MD. Obama was a “community organizer.” I don’t know WTF the rest of you are (but I hear lowing). I know who’s word I would value more concerning ebola.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. As a physician, Rand Paul is well qualified to render an accurate opinion on whether or not Ebola is contagious and if so to what extent it is. As a community organizer (rabble-rouser?), Obama knows jack-all about the subjects of medicine and disease. Obama is treating Ebola as if it is a political problem. It’s not. The time may well be coming when we all must choose between saving Obama and saving the USA. That we are in this unsavory and regrettable position is 100% due to his actions over the past 6 years.

      • Chuck

        Seriously? More people die at the hands of medical practitioners than almost every cause of death out there. He is as qualified as any politician!

        Anyway, his dad, yes Mr. Ron Paul, is also a physician and he believes Ebola to be “way overblown”.

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