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Precious Metals Roundtable: Andy Hoffman, Claudio Grass, The Doc and Turd Ferguson

from The Daily Coin:

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6 comments to Precious Metals Roundtable: Andy Hoffman, Claudio Grass, The Doc and Turd Ferguson


    Rory, enjoyed it! Out of chute #1, Rory, riding “Crankshaft”….hold on for 8 !!!

  • Angel

    An excellent, laid back discussion from some very astute guys. Well-done!

  • Eric

    Great round table discussion.

    The people will never wake up until either the price starts to skyrocket, or everyone starts pricing all of their goods and services in gold and silver i.e. REAL money!

  • mark s mann

    Nice Work Rory!!! This was interesting. I like the group call format. Vey Informative.

  • MRH

    Thank you all for your kind words. I like the easy going manner of the format. Not too difficult for the guys to jump in and out of the conversation.

  • Gerald

    I don’t get it. Why all this talk about a dollar collapse,when the dollar is the go to currency for the world? I may be wrong,but I don’t see the dollar collapsing as long as the world has no where else to go. And how do we know if China actually has the gold they say? The US says the same thing,yet most of us doubt there is any gold in Fort Knox or anywhere else.I mean, anyone can “say’ they have something,but how can it be proven? And another thing; silver and gold are plentiful.I go to web sites all the time that have lots to sell. Ebay is always loaded with both metals.Now,I realize there could be a run on the pm’s,but how and when? And,if the dollar did collapse,who on earth will want pm’s? People will need food,etc.I do hold some metals,but just don’t get all this.

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