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Planned Obsolescence

by freefall, Zen Gardner:

I spoke with a technician recently regarding my flat screen television that was not working properly (here’s the part where I receive criticism for even having a television!). He said that I could spend more money to possibly fix it or buy a new one. After telling him that the new ones cost about as much as what he quoted me to repair the one I have now, he replied that the old ones last longer than the new ones. He said that a new television is only meant to last for a couple of years before breaking down so people would have to purchase a new one.

This reminds me of America today. I figure that, if we’re lucky, we only have a couple more years before the manufactured demise of the dollar reaches its final stage. How much the elite are able to control its descent is beyond me. I assume that it’s not an exact science, and there are variables outside of their control. But all indications suggest that this is going to occur sooner rather than later.

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