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MUST LISTEN: Ebola & ISIS False Flags & The 2014 Bilderberg Conference GREEN Light — Peter Kling & Alfred Webre

from Alfred Lambremont Webre:

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4 comments to MUST LISTEN: Ebola & ISIS False Flags & The 2014 Bilderberg Conference GREEN Light — Peter Kling & Alfred Webre

  • Mike

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for posting Alfred’s work. He’s way out on the fringe and has some really mindblowing vids out there. It’s cool to see him on your site.

  • Sayldog

    I’m sorry, but when he says stuff like “Well ‘they’ have planned this stuff and have foreseen it through remote viewing and have predicted these things like global coastal events that were to have happened last summer, but the events OCCURRED ON ANOTHER TIME LINE”, I mean any jack-ass can predict any damned thing can occur at any time and then use the easy out “well it happened in another time line”. What am I expected to do with such information? Believe it? That would be STUPID!
    In the days when God was revealing Himself through the Old Testament prophets, if someone claimed to have a word from the Lord and it turned out he was wrong, they would STONE HIM. These days, alt media zombies queue up to listen without question.
    2 Timothy 4:3
    For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

  • Eric

    I’m a fan of Alfred’s work. He is trying. But check out this column. Just scroll to the bottom and read the last part if you want.

    I don’t know what it is going to take to get the American people off their butts and start questioning their reality, but I know this won’t get any better until a lot more people WANT to know.

    Stay safe everyone and keep preparing. If you’re getting comfortable, prepare to help others.

  • Mark

    Weber, Hudes, Fulford, et al.

    It’s your site, and you certainly have the latitude to do and post as you wish, but some in the ‘truth movement’ really are legitimately insane, and perhaps ought not be heard. These persons and other ‘truthers’ like the direct result of 20+ years of the destructive tendencies of Coast2CoastAM. Say whatever obscenely wild, imaginative thing that comes to your mind, present ZERO facts or proofs, and no one calls you out on it.

    When I left the military, I worked late nights for 3 years and listened intently every night, thinking, ‘how cool, I’ve never heard that before.’ The tide turned when time and time again I heard these people set firm dates for events and concoct personal experiences; global coastal events, alien invasions, contact, journeys to the center of the Earth, personal contact with alien ‘grays’, absolutely none of it has ever come to fruition. Hearing conman after conman make fantastical and exorbitant claims and come back for their ‘monthly visit’ with Art or George and not be called to the carpet for their predictions never taking shape took its toll on me.

    Think of all the folklore, rumors, and innuendo whose genesis is a madman whose claims were crazy enough to make the air on C2C. They all; every stinking, single one of them have ‘intel’ or ‘black ops’ contacts, whenever there equipment is on the fritz, it’s the FBI or and ‘NSA-like’ agency harassing them or some cloak and dagger agency is trying to kill them, yet they miraculously live on…lol

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